Madison Street Capital Ranked Highly In Recent M&A Event

Investment banking is a field that has developed and grown over the years, thanks to the different companies that have entered into the scene. Due to competition, each firm has strived to offer the best and most valuable services that would cater for the needs of customers in the most appropriate manner. This is one of the things that have driven Madison Street Capital to rank among the most established firms in the advisory sectors across the country and internationally.

One of the things that have kept Madison Street running smoothly and effectively is the policies the company has upheld for many years. They have some of the best managers and have come up with policies that allow them to cater for the needs of customers in all categories. According to a recent poll conducted by M&A that was published on Benziga, Madison Street ranks top and they were able to walk away with the 15th Annual M&A Awards.

To issue the awards, M&A considers several categories such as excellence in deal making and accuracy when dealing with clients, and these are areas Madison Street has perfected. The company received a nomination in both the boutique investment banker of the years and best industries deal company.

During a transaction that was overseen by the Senior Managing Director of the company, Dowco successfully took over Acura & Associates S.A., a transaction that featured during the M&A awards. The company was mentioned in the process for effecting a seamless process that produced clean results and a happy client.

The Chief Executive Officer of Madison Street, Charles Botchway, explained that the company is impressed by the fact that more clients are receiving quality services that help them to manage their businesses better. He is confident the company will continue to triumph in the market and there is a bright future for more clients to join their team.

More about Madison Street
Madison Street Capital’s reputation has grown over the years due to the big number of happy clients the company has been producing. Founded as an international investment banking firm, the company has promoted the growth of integrity and excellence through the perfect services they have been offering in different categories. Madison Street has been offering corporate financial advisory and management services that have steered different private and publicly held businesses.

They understand the need to offer time sensitive services and this is the reason the company has maintained the issuance of timely and effective services that are targeted at answering the needs brought to the table by their clients. Additionally, the methodology applied by the company reflects the experience and expertise they have maintained in different areas, which include market pricing, mergers & acquisitions and specialized financings for companies in diverse specialties.

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Pop Star Norka Luque Dominates the Latino Music Community

Norka Luque is well-known in the Latin music community. In 2011, she was nominated for the best female vocalist award. Her success did not happen overnight; she says that her success came as a result of hard work and determination. Norka Luque started singing in her hometown of Caracas, Venezuela when she was still a little girl (eight years).

Her parents gave her with everything she needed to help her realize her dream of becoming a professional singer. They paid for her instrument and dance lessons while she was in school. When she graduated from high school, her parents sent her to France for higher education. She took a course in Business Administration.

Even while in abroad, she did not forget her musical ambitions. She joined a band, Bad Moon Rising to keep in touch with her passion. For Norka, this was not enough; she wanted to expand her horizons. After she attended a Ricky Martin concert in 2007, Norka decided to move to Miami. She knew it was easier to expose herself to a bigger audience while there.

It is in Miami that Norka Luque dived into professional singing. She started performing in nightclubs in the South Beach area. Her unique voice and message of hope made her quite popular among the South Beach club-goers. It did not take long before Norka Luque met the renowned producer, Emilio Estefan. Emilio was blown away by Norka Luque’s talent after he heard her sing.

Emilio offered Norka Luque an opportunity she couldn’t refuse. The two formed a working relationship, and Emilio signed on as her producer to help hone and develop her musical career. In 2011, Norka Luque released her first single, “How You Do It.”

“How You Do It” was a huge hit in major Latino music communities and around the world. This single got Norka Luque a nomination for Best Female Pop Artist at the Premios Lo Nuestro Awards. Her second single “Milagro” was released in 2012. “Milagro” was warmly welcomed by fans all over the globe. It did rounds on the Latino Music Billboards, holding the top spot for several weeks.

In 2014, Norka Martinez Luque had some serious health issues. She suffered epilepsy which is a condition of the central nervous system. Her condition was serious and required brain surgery. Norka was forced to sideline her career to undergo a brain surgery in 2015.

Her most recent release is “Tomorrowland.” This single has been received warmly in the Latino music community. Find her on Facebook to learn more about her personal life as well as her career.

Her most recent release is “Tomorrowland.” This single has been received warmly in the Latino music community. Find her on Facebook to learn more about her personal life as well as her career.

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Online Public Relations

In earlier times, the only people that needed reputation management were celebrities or public figures. However, they have always had professionals do PR for them. However, the internet has changed a lot of that. With the internet, anyone could become famous, especially with the emergence of social media. As with fame, people could also take a hit to their reputation. Also, people are also vulnerable to attacks online. For one thing, it is not uncommon for people to become famous for the wrong reasons. Fortunately, there are online reputation management companies that are there to help people with their reputation.

Darius Fisher, the founder of Status Labs advises people to focus on building their own reputation so that they can be famous for something that is positive as opposed to a crisis or scandal. As a matter of fact, he recommends people that are thinking about starting a business or going public in any way to consider the help of an online reputation management firm. After all, first impressions are going to last a long time for many people.

Status Labs, being one of the 500 fastest growing companies has locations in Sao Paulo, Austin, LA, and New York. They are not only a success in the United States, they also provide their services in more than 40 countries. As a result, a growing number of people are learning to trust them to provide the services they need in order to get their life back on track. Status Labs ( has a lot of different methods that will continue to build the reputation of clients so that they will be able to enjoy even greater success in their careers.

Global Entrepreneur Eric Pulier

The world of today’s markets are markets that must reach beyond the local community. As someone who has started my own businesses, I’ve come to realize that global reach is vital. Without it, we are all lost. The person who helped teach me this trick is someone who I’ve known for many decades.Eric Pulier is a technological expert and a business expert with global reach. Under his mentoring, I’ve learned that it is possible to take all kinds of technology and use it in ways that aren’t just about local concerns but also about taking into account the needs of much of the entire world as well. He has shown us all that technology is also something that everyone can understand and use no matter what their own personal background. Source:

Overcoming My Fears

When I worked with Eric Pulier, I learned that technology isn’t just a concept that had no relevance in my life. As he has repeatedly shown, technology needs to be an integral part of all our lives no matter what we do or where we happen to live. He knows that the power of technology is very much about the power of the human spirit, a spirit that lies within humanity.

Seeing The Future

When I work with him, I see how the future isn’t just something that you might fear. I see how the future is something that we can delight in. I saw this when he was in Washington D.C. and tapped to help create an exhibit that showed how technology might be used.  I have felt very much the same way as I have learned from Pulier how to take his concepts and ideas and use them in the companies I have personally started. His help has been invaluable in this area as he has taught me so much about technological innovations and modern concepts.

In North America, Securus Technologies Is Important

Securus Technologies is amidst of making tremendous strides in their field. They have achieved the BICSI Installer 1 Certification from BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International for 11 of their specialists. Since Securus Technologies is working with BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International on a regular basis, there will surely be greater strides in the successes that are created for both of them.


Inside The Doors Of Securus Technologies


When entering the Securus Technologies company, people know that this is a company that can make inroads in all kinds of ways with their technology.

Securus Technologies is a leader that deals with the public safety arena on a regular basis. At Securus Technologies, they help with the monitoring and corrections of many different prisoners.


A Visit To BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International


When a person comes to BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International, there is a feeling of intense work ethics. BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International is always finding a way to assist with safety and security. They help the information and communication technology industry in many, intrinsic ways. During a day at BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International, the excellent team will be busy creating even better ways to assist with the field that they specialize in.


Since Securus Technologies is a company that continue to increase their lead in their field, it will be an impressive future for them.