Securus offers Crime Prevention Capabilities

For more than 10 years, Securus Technologies has been an industry leader when it comes to providing security and communications products and services to the law enforcement and correctional facility industry. The company, which is based out of Dallas, Texas, can provide its products and services to thousands of facilities, which can help to make them a safer and more efficient place to live, work, and visit.



The most popular products that the company provides are typically their communication products. Of these, the video visitation services have proven to be very popular with employees, administrators, inmates, and families. While the company is best known for providing these products, they also have gained a great reputation for providing a monitoring service for correctional facilities.


While the monitoring services have not been in place very long at many of the law enforcement facilities, they have already proven to be very effective. The company recently released a newsletter that has outlined many of the congratulatory and thankful messages from correctional facilities and law enforcement officers across the country.


The primary communication monitoring service that they can offer to a facility is a video messaging and phone conversation monitoring service. When a new phone call or video message between an inmate and another person is made, each party is required to acknowledge that the messages are being recorded and can be used as evidence. While this provision does not include conversations involving a lawyer, Securus is able to monitor many of the calls that are received. Through the monitoring of these phone calls, Securus is able to at time gather insight and evidence of past, current, or future crimes inside and outside of the facility. This information can then be passed on, which could result in the prevention of crimes or the issuance of a warrant.


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