Norman Pattiz, the Chairman of PodcastOne Announces “Beyond Darkness.”

Beyond Darkness which explores Norman Pattiz announced paranoid. Norman Pattiz is the chairman and founder of PodcastOne. PodcastOne is the largest podcast which is advertiser supported in America. Among what will be featured are the enlightening and entertaining conversations which will involve some of the great researchers and experimenters. They will be challenging what people think about the various aspects of things like demons, ghosts, angels, encounters with monsters, miracles among other things.


The show will be hosted by Dave Schrader who is a radio host and an author. The co-host will be Tim Dennis who is a radio producer. The release of new episodes will be every Monday on PodcastOne.Com, the iTunes, and the PodcastOne app. Norman Pattiz praised Chris saying he is distinguished personnel in the entertainment world looking at his experience such as starting the Jericho Network Collection. Meanwhile, Chris commented on the addition of Beyond the Darkness podcast to The Jericho Network. He complemented Tim Dennis and Dave Schrader as people with a large fan base who will continue growing their fans quickly.


About PodcastOne


PodcastOne is the leading advertiser supported network in the US. The network was founded by Norman Pattiz who also happens to be the founder of Westwood One, the radio giant. It hosts more than two hundred most popular podcast of today. Among the podcasts hosted include Shaquille, Steve Austin, Barstool Sports, Chris Jericho and many other podcasts.


About Norman Pattiz


Norman Pattiz is well-known regarding the field of entertainment because of the many achievements he has achieved. He founded the Westwood One and led it to become the largest radio network in America. The network provides sports, news, talk shows, entertainment, and traffic programming to the various broadcast industry in the US. The company owned and also distributed things like NBC radio networks, CNN Radio, CBS News, NCAA Basketball, the Super Bowl and many other items. It also managed and distributed them.


Norman Pattiz is also the creator of the Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010. Among the achievements he introduced recently are the podcastOne as well as PodcastOne Sales. It became the leading in the world of podcast marketing and sales. Norman Pattiz has a broad range of experience in the field having served on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the US. The then President Clinton gave him the post in 2000. That is why he has amassed a lot of experience to continue serving people in the field of entertainment.

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Brad Reifler Ensures Every Customer Makes More Money For His Minor Investors

Brad Reifler is the leader of Forefront Capital, and he has made a life of helping investors who are not at the top of the earnings bracket. Every person who wishes to invest their money on Wall Street without the high net worth required by other companies must use his service for minor investors. This article explains how the income trust has become the best investment option for every customer with less money to spend.

#1: How Does The Income Trust Work?

The income trust is lined up as a basic hedge fund that is more conservative in its approach. The approach used by the firm ensures there are more people making money, and Brad Reifler understands how to increase profits for his customers where needed. He is building a fund that will accept the small investments from each of his customers. The company is dedicated to quite a lot of people who are looking to start a nest egg.

#2: How Long Will The Fund Last?

There are quite a few people who will come to Forefront Capital and Brad Reifler because they know he has the right fund for their needs. He will help his customers learn how to make money, and he knows it will be quite possible for them to learn how to build a retirement fund. The funds that are used for each investment are handled by Brad personally, and he has a customer care team that will help his clients learn anything they need to know about their account.

#3: Earning Money From Basic Investments

There are quite a few people who will earn money from the income trust because they are starting small. It is fun to use something that does not require much from the customer, and everyone who wishes to build a retirement plan may come to Forefront Capital for help.

Brad Reifler is a wonderful man who has committed his career to helping people with their investment choices. He knows that they wish to make more money when they are investing with him, and he uses his skills to protect everyone’s funds.

Save More by Refinancing Your Automobile with Ignition Financial

Thousands of people in the world buy cars every single day. However, most people make bad deals with their auto loan. More often when choosing an automobile to purchase, consumers tend to pick a car that perfectly fits their budget basing on the car payment, sign the provided car note and confidently drive their automobile home. As a matter fact, most purchasers fail to clearly understand how their loans work as well as the excess charges that they pay unnecessarily. One of the firms that can assist you get the best answer to this dilemma is Ignition Financial. This company is located in Austin, Texas and focuses on making the car purchase process simple and profitable to the consumer.



If you have never taken a step to refinance your current car, then it is time for you to do so. You might be paying extra cash than what you should be paying. This is evidently a big loss to you as the car purchaser. Most dealers tend to have a dealer markup, which enables them charge extra cash of about 4% on the automobile being financed. Surprisingly, the 4% directly goes to their pockets. Having good credit is one of the ways that can enable you avoiding paying extra unnecessary cash.



A Firm Dedicated To Serve You



Ignition Finance is one of the reputable firms with extensive experience and expertise in refinancing loans for clients. With the help of this great firm, you will not only be able to get favorable and better terms, but also clear the thoughts about slash my payments that come running in your mind each time. This is because you will be in a position to manage low payments from a very reliable firm. With a good number of great lenders in Ignition Financial, clients are able to get better and amazing rates. Ignition Financial as a company focuses on lowering rates for all clients. With this in mind, you are in a good position to save large amounts of cash each month.


This company has been in the industry for quite some time. It has professional employees who are always willing to help clients match with the best and affordable loan financing options. Additionally, they can assist you with purchasing your company vehicle, buying your leased car as well as refinancing your existing auto loan. If you are looking for a company to refinance your auto loan, then this is the perfect fit.


Securus Technologies Excels Amidst False Allegations Made by GTL

Better Business Bureau is a company that rates other companies offering different types of services. In recent news, BBB stated that Securus Technologies meets accreditation standards set by BBB. The information was an indication that Securus Technologies has strived to provide leading Technology that is relevant and applicable to consumers. The firm has offered services such as customer service, customer policy, and customer experience. The firm has since received a rating of A+ from BBB. I find that not everyone online is happy with Securus Technologies and its success. There are companies like GTL that has strived to tarnish Securus name.


GTL recently made false allegations against Securus Technologies. Richard Smith, the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, came out to refute the claims. He added that the allegations were illogical given the superiority of the company. The company has since acquired several patents that protect its Technologies. On the other hand, GTL is a growing company that is trying to protect its patents. That is a clear indication that Securus Technologies could not have infringed patents by GTL.


GTL made other allegations stating that Securus Technologies had infringed its patents as far as innovations are concerned. It stated that Securus had used its video monitoring services which was not accessible. Securus Technologies made another press release to defend itself. The company CEO stated that Securus Technologies had enough innovations and video monitoring services. There was no way that it could have used GTL’s services. He went on to state that GTL had tried to solve the issue of patents at the PTAB. However, I find that such patents are only verifiable at the court of law. GTL has strived to go to court regarding the patents without success. There is no jury ready to listen to GTL’s claims. The reason is that GTL doesn’t have any evidence against Securus. The company CEO has advised that GTL should be seeking for patents and licenses instead of trying to pick fights with other companies.


Marc Sparks, A Man Who Knows How to Make a Difference in the World

Marc Sparks, a man with no formal college education, graduated high school in 1975 and has become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in today’s world. He has had some extremely successful ventures and has also has suffered some that were disastrous. He will be the first to tell you that he has achieved his success through the grace of God.

This man takes ideas that other people say cannot be done and makes them work. With an idea in mind he then proceeds to establish a business model, and a company culture while developing short-term goals as well as a long-range growth plan.

His answer when ask how he does it is with faith, tenacity, passion for what he does, and a lot of focus. If you wish to succeed as an entrepreneur, you have to rely on these qualities a lot. Treating people like you want to be treated which is fairly, and with honesty and respect will lead to success.

Marc is an outdoorsman and a health enthusiast who enjoys biking, hunting and fishing, golf, and working out, all which he uses to reduce his stress level. He travels the world over and has been to places like Angkor Wat, Tibet, Xi’an, China, India, and the Serengeti just to name a few. He literally traveled around the world in twenty-three days.

He is also very involved economically, emotionally, and physically win his charities. His charity, Mommies in Need provides free child care to mothers with extreme health issues.

He is also an animal lover who has a program, Dogs Matter, that provides temporary foster care to pets of addicts and alcoholics who are in recovery. He is also a large part of CARE, The Center for Animal Research and Education which was founded to rescue, rehabilitate, provide holistic care of sick, injured, and abused big cats.

He is on the finance advisory board of the Samartian Inn, a nonprofit that is the only homeless shelter in Collin County, Texas. He staunchly believes that everyone needs help at some point in life.

He established a foundation which provides new Dell computers to less fortunate children who are well deserving and cannot afford to purchase one which is aptly named Sparky’s Kids.

Marc is also the founder, CEO, and owner of Timber Creek LP. Through his experiences with successes and failures he has learned the realities of entrepreneurship and this is what led him to found Timber Creek.

Because he has seen, in his 35 years as an entrepreneur, every level of success and failure, Timber Creek is qualified to help the new entrepreneurs with their ideas and hopefully turn them into prosperous businesses. Marc Sparks is a man who makes a difference in the world today.

Two crimes lead to long investigation in New Brunswick

Police officers were successfully able to arrest a suspect charged with the armed robbery of a pizza delivery driver in New Brunswick, NJ. With technology constantly recording our every move around us it becomes a lot easier to find a long lost friend or in New Jersey find a man who robbed a pizza delivery guy at gun point.


Parysh Wood, 21, also known as, “Pistol” on the streets was charged in Middlesex County. He was already in the system pending other armed robbery charges.


The robbery occurred at 9:30 p.m. on November 30 in a empty parking lot at Quincy Circle. The robbery victim said a man approached him with a gun and demanded money and the pizza.


Police officers were able to get a warrant to search Wood’s cell phone which connected him to the time and location of the robbery. The case lasted four months because nobody wanted to give up. In the digital age criminals are leaving behind clues, it is just a matter of finding them and connecting the dots.


Wood was previously arrested on robbery charges back in January of 2013. Now he sits in jail with a bail of $100,000. Other police staff expect that there will be more arrests to come.


In other news, there was a shooting in New Brunswick, NJ. There was an active shooter at New Brunswick Apartments and one was severely injured. The injured individual was taken to the hospital in a private vehicle. Immediately after the shooting there was an investigation by detectives.


The suspects were not revealed for a while even though there were leads, but the police department did not want to risk releasing the wrong information. There were also charges that were pending.


The 206-unit apartment complex that the shooting occurred at is owned by one limited liability company originating from North Quincy, Massachusetts. The apartments are actually located just across the street from Rutgers University Police Department’s headquarters. Not a very smart move. We got word from police transmitters that the transport vehicle for the shooting victim was a dark-colored Honda.


The active shooter was trying to hide his identity by hearing a dark-colored hoodie and stayed out of the path of cameras as much as possible. Right after shooting the individual he fled to Neilsen Street. There were other “bullet casings” found near the crime scene. Specifically near building number one.

The Launch Of Beyond Darkness by Norman Pattiz

According to the news article published by the Los Angeles Department on 19thth December 2016, Norman Pattiz, Chris Jericho, the WWE wrestler added a program called Beyond the Darkness to his network called the Chris Jericho Network. Beyond The Darkness is the newest program on Jericho’s podcast network. According to reports, Norman has a podcast network featuring Umbrella Body and PodcastOne which will be used to air a show on paranormal activities, events, and ghosts on Chris Jericho’s podcast network.



Objectives of the Show



The show is meant to challenge humans’ thoughts on entertainment, demons, and experiences by enlightening them. The host of the show is Dave Schrader while the producer is Tim Dennis and the new episodes are to be released every Monday through, iTunes, and PodcastOne applications. Chris has been one of the most instrumental people at PodcastOne network. When he launched the Jericho Network, Norman Pattiz and his team knew it would be fruitful and would surpass wrestling. He had an excellent presentation of comedy, and now he has established the paranormal with Beyond the Darkness.



Chris Jericho’s Sentiments



In his speech, Chris was perplexed by the encouraging feedback from fans and even as he delivered news of the new show to The Jericho Network, he knew he would need the support of Tim and Dennis because of their experience. The two would drag a base of fans who would give an excellent rating to the show. According to Chris Jericho, Beyond the Darkness has a great future with an active audience from The Jericho Network. The audience is the dream of the podcast.



 About PodcastOne



PodcastOne is America’s top advertiser supported network. It was established by Norman Pattiz, the founder of Westwood One, a top radio station in America. PodcastOne hosts over 200 popular shows including Barstool Sports and Eddie Trunk.



About Norman Pattiz



Founder and Moderator



Pattiz is the brain behind Westwood One. Through him, the company was named America’s best and largest radio coverage for sports, talk shows, traffic indoctrination and news. The company owned and directed NBC Radio, CBS News, NFL Football and CNN radio among others. Norman Pattiz established Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010 and just recently, he introduced PodcastOne Sales as the top ranking podcast in marketing sales.



Board Membership



Pattiz is a board member and chairman of the following organizations and schools:



  • Board member of University of California
  • Chairman of Los Alamos National Laboratory and security
  • Chairman of Lawrence Livermore Security

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The Election of 2016 Reaction from George Soros and Other Democratic Alliance

A rough election year ended in a surprise that shook the Democratic party to it’s core. Donald Trump -an inexperienced candidate with zero political experience- won over Hillary Clinton. She has been hailed as the most qualified modern day candidate, as she had experience as a First Lady, Secretary of State, Senator, and as a Yale trained lawyer. The Democratic Alliance donors agreed that she was the best person for the job, and she was given quite a bit of funding for her campaign.

The loss was devastating to the Democratic party. The Congress is also in the hands of the Republican party. One of the donors of the Democratic Alliance is the businessman George Soros. He has donated money toward the elections of President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, and many other Democrat candidates. He donated a reported $25 million to Hillary Clinton and other Democrats this last election. George Soros has known Hillary Clinton for a reported twenty-five years. He had planned to attend the Democratic National Convention to see Hillary win the president candidacy.

The Democratic Alliance decided to hold a meeting in response to this election loss. George Soros was in attendance. It is expected they were planning a way to combat any negative future plans of the Trump administration on

The son of George Soros, Jonathan Soros, pointed to his father’s writing in a column earlier this campaign year. “Resist the siren song of the likes of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.” George Soros wrote in the column. He believes the United States cannot effectively fight terrorism if these candidates are chosen. If his perspective is true, Americans will have to continue to resist the siren song of Donald Trump to keep the country on the right path.