Securus Technologies Excels Amidst False Allegations Made by GTL

Better Business Bureau is a company that rates other companies offering different types of services. In recent news, BBB stated that Securus Technologies meets accreditation standards set by BBB. The information was an indication that Securus Technologies has strived to provide leading Technology that is relevant and applicable to consumers. The firm has offered services such as customer service, customer policy, and customer experience. The firm has since received a rating of A+ from BBB. I find that not everyone online is happy with Securus Technologies and its success. There are companies like GTL that has strived to tarnish Securus name.


GTL recently made false allegations against Securus Technologies. Richard Smith, the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, came out to refute the claims. He added that the allegations were illogical given the superiority of the company. The company has since acquired several patents that protect its Technologies. On the other hand, GTL is a growing company that is trying to protect its patents. That is a clear indication that Securus Technologies could not have infringed patents by GTL.


GTL made other allegations stating that Securus Technologies had infringed its patents as far as innovations are concerned. It stated that Securus had used its video monitoring services which was not accessible. Securus Technologies made another press release to defend itself. The company CEO stated that Securus Technologies had enough innovations and video monitoring services. There was no way that it could have used GTL’s services. He went on to state that GTL had tried to solve the issue of patents at the PTAB. However, I find that such patents are only verifiable at the court of law. GTL has strived to go to court regarding the patents without success. There is no jury ready to listen to GTL’s claims. The reason is that GTL doesn’t have any evidence against Securus. The company CEO has advised that GTL should be seeking for patents and licenses instead of trying to pick fights with other companies.


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  1. When these things were happening, they were very scared and surprise. They felt their business world will collapse just like that and that they will be left with virtually nothing. But like we may always say, stories that are not fact ends up in essay editing services and finally, being scraped out from among good fruits that gives life to people in general.

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