Nationwide Title Clearing Clears the Deck For Increased Business

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. was founded in 1991 as a local title company who gave good service and became well-known for their efficiency and excellent follow-up. Today they one of the most successful and larger wholesale title companies in America. Eight ought of ten of the top retail mortgage and banking companies, choose Nationwide as their go-to source for documents that pertain to the mortgage business.


Nationwide has proprietary technology that can reach into the records of every county and jurisdiction in the United States. That amounts to a little over 3,600 storage facilities where the needed records are stored.


The best asset a company like Nationwide has is the speed and accuracy in which the necessary documents can be obtained. Nationwide has a failure rate of less than 1% and a compliance rate of 99.8%. This means that of all the records that are searched for, nearly 100% of them are found and that nearly 100%% of those records are accurate.


Nationwide delivers the goods because if you have every closed on a house, you understand that there need to be quite a few documents available at the closing time. The closing of a home at the title company can be a time of frenzy and last minute preparations, and there doesn’t need to be added stress with missing or inaccurate documents.


Nationwide Title Clearing prides itself on the record that they have established and their proprietary software that is available to clients and jurisdictions provide a seamless way to get the right information transmitted at the right time.


Employee training is one of the biggest reasons that everything happens as it is supposed to. New employees go through a rigorous initial classroom training and then when they go on the floor they are monitored closely until they master the tasks at that level.


There are an additional 150 educational and training modules that the employees can access at their pace. Many of these extra modules can take weeks and months to complete. Advancement in the company relies on different areas to be completed, depending on how the employee wishes to proceed.


No company reaches the heights which Nationwide has attained by accident. John Hillman, CEO of Nationwide, spoke recently on an industry-wide podcast and he gave lots of credit to the employees of Nationwide, but he also added that compliance does not just happen, but it has to attained by companies who set high standards and then follow up appropriately.


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Success Tips and Pointers by Doe Deere, Founder of Lime Crime

Every one of us has certain dreams and aspirations they would like to realize in their lifetimes. The real task lies in working our way through the weeds to finally get to the top. There are many avenues one could follow to achieve their targets. These include working smart and hearing what those who’ve already made it have to say about their processes. Therefore, when a successful personality like Doe Deere spills the beans about her success secrets, everyone pays close attention.

Standing Out

Doe Deere or the Queen of Unicorns is the owner and founder of the beauty products brand, Lime Crime. It’s quite easy to pick out Mrs. Deere from a crowd. Just look for the individual with unusually brightly colored hair, and you’ll have found the Queen of Unicorns.

Early Life

Doe Deere and the family lived in their native Russia most of her childhood. In high school, Doe recalls starting a temporary tattoo selling venture. Later, the entire family emigrated to the United States of America, and in New York State in particular, when she was seventeen years old. Upon arriving in NY, the entrepreneur toyed around with the idea of becoming a musician. After a short while, however, she switched her dreams and decided to work on being a make-up artist.

Her days in the Big Apple were spent practicing music with her band. In an interview published on, Doe says that she and her husband and business partner used to play in the same band.

Advice to Young Entrepreneurs

Doe has a very simple piece of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. She calls on them to find what it is they are passionate and uniquely skilled in, and success is sure to follow. She says it’s okay to dare to be bold and different from the rest of the crowd. When she was starting out, for instance, only a select few make-over artists wanted to experiment with unusual and brightly colored makeup and beauty accessories. But that’s what fascinated the cosmetics mogul, and she went for it wholeheartedly. Her huge gamble soon paid off wonderfully as she began to amass a sizeable fan base and following. Hence, Lime Crime took to the skies. To Doe Deere, a woman’s makeup is an extension of her unique style and personality.

About Doe Deere

Doe has a massive following on social media. She’s proven to be a master of using platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to grow her business. According to, Doe is a huge fan of the businessman- not the politician -in Donald Trump. Trumps’ best-selling motivational book, Think Big and Kick Ass is one of her all-time best reads.


Kim Dao Gives Some Helpful Back to School Life Hacks

Kim Dao offers some invaluable back to school life hacks in an informative video. Counting down from ten, Kim Dao gives her first back to school hack to help you make things easier on yourself. Kim Dao addresses a common issue for girls when it comes to getting ready for school, the gym, and even going out on weekends. We constantly lose our hair ties. Kim Dao provides a solution that can definitely help you to make sure that you have a hair tie handy whenever you need them. She takes a clip that’s commonly found on key chains, and she clips them all together so that the hair ties are now in one place. Kim Dao also has some hacks to help you decorate your space with a pop of color. She takes colorful, decorative tape and uses it as a frame around each picture that can be placed in a locker, on a wall in your dorm, or apartment. This countdown of helpful back to school hacks just wouldn’t be complete without a time-saving tip. Kim Dao provides the perfect one for students who are short in time when it comes to studying for an exam. She suggests speeding up the recorded lecture notes to help you get through them faster.


How To Choose A Trusted Business Advisor

Want to get into investing but not sure how to begin? Need a professional who can advise and guide you to success? Perhaps you need a proven course on how to make a fortune in your own business, or as an investor.

A popular and well-known course on stock trading is Wealth Wave by Jim Hunt VTA Publications. This astounding course can be obtained from VTA Publications, and it outlines the methods and secrets used by successful stock traders and shows you step by step how you can achieve great success in stock trading.

Jim Hunt is a renowned investment advisor and business startup expert. Jim has the expertise to teach and coach any person who has the desire to learn and apply the information in his or her endeavor. His company, VTA Publications is a reliable publisher of helpful guides and courses on investing, finance, business and wealth building.

There are many business opportunities and investment options to consider. And there are many professionals out there promising to render the guidance you need to become successful. All investment or business professionals are not created equal.

Jim Hunt VTA Publications comes highly recommended and has proven to be a top rated professional in the industry. Jim has coached numerous people and is considered one of the best in the field, particularly in stock trading.

Research investment options before starting. You’ll need a quality guide or course on investment philosophy and business success secrets, and that’s what VTA Publications provide. This company has catered to countless individuals around the world and has built a great reputation among clients and customers.

As a highly regarded author, publisher and advisor at, Jim has been receiving raving reviews from people who are experiencing success in their respective endeavors.

Jim also strongly believes in the power of positive thought and encourages people to emulate successful people in your area of interest on, and to associate with people who will motivate you.

This may be the most difficult or challenging part of the business startup or wealth building process since there are many people out there who will try to convince you to give up on your dream.

Cleansing Conditioner and Hair

In this article published on Bustle, it talks about what hair care products released by WEN could do to the hair. For those that have seen the infomercial of the hair care product, they may have noticed all of the great looking hair that was showcased in the infomercials. Often times, the spokes person make people believe that the contents in the bottle work miracles for the hair. The product released by WEN and advertised on Twitter and in the infomercials is supposed to be an all in one shampoo, conditioner and styling product for the hair. In other words, it not only cleans hair, but styles it and moisturizes it, giving people celebrity-quality hair.

WEN was created as a 5-in-1 formula that is meant to replace all of the other formulas that people put in their hair in order to style it. Among the products used for hair care are conditioner, shampoo, deep conditioner, de-tangler and conditioner that is left in the hair. It not only cleans out the hair, but it allows the hair to retain its natural oils. As a result, the hair is supposed to be left in a healthy and strong condition.

Product link

According to the article, it was very effective. The images shown showcase the condition of the hair before use of the product and then after the product. It does seem to work as well as the infomercials suggest. For more info, visit