How Doe Deere Became a Fashion Icon

Doe Deere is the open-minded, outspoken founder and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. When people see how much Doe has contributed to the evolution of cosmetics industry over the past seven to 10 years, most are understandably mindblown at all that has been achieved, yet, when you take one glance at Doe’s passion for cosmetics and fashion that she’s held close to her heart, ever since she was a little girl, it is glaringly obvious to see how Doe Deere of Lime Crime Cosmetics has developed both the creative mind to develop such an awe-inspiring pallet of sparkly lip glosses, liquid liners and eyeshadows that boasts Lime Crimes signature neon hues, and the backbone to ensure that her vision is seen through to completion.


When she was a teenager, she was invited to prom. Doe had always seen herself as sort of a plain Jane so, for prom, she decided to wear very bright pigmented, neon tinted lipstick, nail enamel and eyeshadow. Though was absolutely bold over and how much her makeup garnered attention from people who had never given her even so much as a glance. Prom night was the start of those obsession with the notion that something as simple as wearing neon makeup could make even an average girl the belle of the ball. She decided to shift her personal style into that direction.


When she left her native land of Russia for the likes of New York, she received instruction as a fashion designer at a prestigious art college. While she attended school, she opened an eBay store called Lime Crime and sold things that she made in her free time which enabled her to earn extra money to live on. After about six months of mediocre sales of her Lime Crime fashion house, she decided to create a line of cosmetics. When the makeup palette that she sold online went viral, earning Doe Deere thousands of dollars that year, she decided to drop out of school and made Lime Crime Cosmetics the unicorn-inspired beauty brand that it is today, garnering a sort of fame that she could have never imagined for herself in her native land of Russia.


Since her meteoric rise in 2008, she has developed multiple lines of makeup including several eyeshadow palettes, assortment of neon colored lip liners, an extensive collection of glittery lipsticks and glosses, not to mention the latest addition to the family, a rainbow colored her hair extension line that is all the rage on Tumblr and any other online platform where forward thinking street fashion is all the rage.


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George Soros Dares To Reenter the Political Debate

George Soros has recovered from the defeat of Hillary Clinton to whom he gave so much money, and he has a new progressive agenda that he believes will help with the midterm elections in 2018. The presidential election in 2020 may be a massive change for Americans, and George believes that he may help by bringing together as many progressive donors as he may find. This article explains how Politico has reported on the resurgence of George after the 2016 election.

#1: Why Start Over Again?

George believes that there is a place for a progressive agenda in America, and he knows that there are many people who believe in it as much as she does. He is pushing for an agenda that honors more people than not, and he has found donors who are willing to give to the cause because it will help them improve the lives of their children and grandchildren. He held a meeting of these people, and he wanted to learn how they could help fight conservative politicians who are not acting in the public’s best interests.

#2: What Work Is There To Do?

There are several politicians on the right side of the aisle who are not acting in good faith, and they must be removed from office or challenged. There is a push to raise several million dollars among George and his friends to push out people such as Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona, and there are others that George is paying to force out. Each PAC that is formed with the money that George Soros has raised will make a significant difference in the political landscape, and the money will help get rid of Special interests that hurt people.

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#3: Donors Should Watch George’s Movements

Donors may watch what George does to learn what they must do to make a change in their own giving. They will see who George is supporting, and they will be interested to help where they can. George has shown that he knows how to choose the right causes, and he will continue to put his own money behind the causes he believes in. He is drawing more interest because he is known as a captain fo the Democratic Party, and he will offer help that ensure there is a much better chance of the progressive agenda pushing through.

Everyone who is looking for a better progressive agenda may see what George Soros is doing as a good sign. Politicians have latched onto his story, and they will follow it into the midterm’s elections, the presidential election in 2020 and beyond. He has a strong belief that there is change to be made, and he is willing to pay for it himself.

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Securus Technologies and the Effectiveness of Crime Prevention Technology

Securus Technologies has long provided technologies and accompanying tech solutions to law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities across North America, and as a result have developed, and continues to refine an understanding of the nature of certain crimes and the framework relied upon in order for to prevent it from growing in size and scale. In a display of that applied knowledge and a continued working relationship with law enforcement, Securus published a number of feedback statements from some of their many clients, commenting on the reliability of their products and services and how well they contribute to the mission of crime prevention.


In the published packet are excepts from emails written by those in various correctional departments across the United States, including some more formal communication in the form of traditional pen-and-paper correspondence. They express the crucial need for reliable technology in order to solve and prevent criminality that threatens the greater public but also in keeping an orderly atmosphere within correctional facilities by properly monitoring inmates.


Richard A. Smith, Chairman and CEO for Securus Technologies, said that it’s a constant mission within the company to assure customers that their feedback is received with seriousness and it influences how they conduct business moving forward. Almost weekly new products or services are made available to corrections departments or law enforcement organizations, and Smith said that the communication flow between Securus and their clients make it possible to provide what they need most.


According to Smith, Securus receives thousands of electronic and traditional correspondence that reaffirms the company’s crucial role in maintaining public safety and orderly institutions crucial to the criminal justice system. The company’s commitment to that role they play in business and in society is one the company takes with pride and expects to continue to do so for the foreseeable future.


Confident in their reputation and tested competence and a tech company in this niche, Securus has a standing invitation to clients of its competitors, potential clients of this industry, and prospective investors to visit their campus in Dallas, Texas to learn more about what they are capable of in person.


In the Life and Career of Tammy Mazzocco

Tammy Mazzocco was initially not a realtor, she became licensed in 1995. Tammy worked as a secretary at The Edwards Realty Company, a realtors company. She was in the company of nine agents, all of whom reported to Mike Zelnik. For seven years she worked as a condominium manager in Scotland Yard condominiums. It is here that she was licensed, following the suggestion of Ken Cook: a realtor and owner of Cook Realty. Cook, who also worked as general manager of Scotland Yard, played a major role in encouraging Tammy during her early years in the industry.

T&R Properties

After leaving Scotland Yard, Mazzocco started working for T&R Properties as a manager of two of its apartment complexes and an office warehouse complex. Later in 1998, Tammy became licensed as a personal assistant for a top producer: Joe Armeni. In Victoria Village, Tammy worked for Joe and was inspired to finally take up real estate full time. In 2000, she joined Judy Gang & Associates in Ohio. Gang has been a friend and mentor to Tammy to date. Now she sells residential property in Delaware, Franklin Fairfield and Licking counties of Central Ohio.

Tammy’s Every Day

Mazzocco will start her day with meditation and stretching. Before going to emails and phone messages she will get the most important tasks out of her way. As an entrepreneur, she says that setting goals and devising steps to accomplish them is a great way to get the work done. As an entrepreneur, she says she treats clients’ investment and time as though it were her own. Though the commission is important, she does not dwell on it, but rather prefers to focus on what makes the client happy, more details can be found on

Strategy and Failure

Asked about the strategy that has helped her grow her business, she cites companies like Zillow. She however also underlines customer service as her success strategy. Mazzocco says that 85% of her business she attributes to repeat business and also referrals. As failure is unavoidable in business, Tammy points out how she was not able to pre-qualify leads as a realtor and she would end up wasting a lot of time. Later, she studied scripts that other agents were using and she was no longer on a wild goose chase.

Good Read

Tammy recommends Dr. Phil’s Life Strategies to people. She enjoyed the book as it outlines 10 laws of life that are really practical. She also likes the illustrations Dr. Phil uses in the book.

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Protect Your Company’s Reputation

How do you get information about someone nowadays? It’s as simple as searching the Internet. What shows up on search results may not impress you. Most Internet users don’t look beyond the top pages, specifically page one results, so the content they are presented with will have a great impact on how they see you.

Online reputation management professionals help you establish and maintain an impressive image. If you want to control how you are viewed online, you’ll need to start creating a more positive and trusted profile about you and your company.

Negative reviews are not only appearing on large or even medium organization search results. Bad press, stories, rumors and malicious posts are also being directed at ordinary individuals. Damaging information and derogatory comments are consistently presented in search engine results and are having devastating impact on their reputations and professional lives.

People are researching organizations, businesses, professionals and entrepreneurs online and using the information they find to make important decisions. Having plenty of positive online reviews and feedback from your customers who are completely satisfied and using social media to communicate and engage with your audience is a great way to build impressive online reputation that will attract clients and customers.

One small mistake is all it takes to tarnish or destroy your organization’s glowing reputation online. There are many tools and resources that can help you track mentions, get in touch with influencers, and manage your reputation effectively.

Reputation management experts such as Status Labs have been providing online reputation monitoring and repair for years and can be of benefit to you and your company. You’ll need to do your homework before signing up with a reputation management team. You want to make sure you choose a team that has a proven track record in the reputation management industry.

Numerous businesses and organizations are increasingly relying on online reputation management professionals, usually in an effort to get rid of or suppress negative posts and derogatory information that appear on popular websites. These experts are skilled in removing a company’s negative reviews using their proprietary systems and tactics.

How Bob Reina Believes Talk Fusion Can Help Charities

Bob Reina has always been finding ways to take his business ideas and turn them into both profits and philanthropy for many years, and his latest idea is a giving incentive for Talk Fusion associates to help non-profit groups.

Reina has been financially supporting charities in his local area most of which have been animal rescue and shelters, but he’s also given to orphanages and natural disaster relief funds.

His company Talk Fusion is a video marketing company providing businesses and non-profits with tools to market their message, and this new incentive will allow Talk Fusion associates to give a charity group one free monthly premium account with access to all applications. Reina believes this act goes with the old saying of having responsibility along with power.

Bob Reina got into video marketing about 13 years ago while he was trying different ideas in direct selling. He surprised his friends and family when in the early 2000s he announced his retirement from the police department to pursue other business interests. Multilevel marketing was taking some time for Reina to generate steady income for his family, but he never gave up.

In 2004 he decided to address the challenge of sending videos as emails, and after three years of development and tests he and his software team had their product made. That was the beginning of Talk Fusion and in several years they had a whole product suite developed for this new business.

Talk Fusion has gained a lot of attention over the past 9 years, but they’ve really put their signature on marketing technology after bringing home two Product of the Year awards in 2016. Bob Reina has seen how his company’s video designs and revolutionary webRTC recorders have greatly benefited businesses, and MarTech Advisor invited him to write an article about just how important video marketing and these designs were.

Talk Fusion has also become a way that many people earn commission income from reselling products, and referring other customers and associates to the company. Talk Fusion has had dream vacations as part of associate rewards, and they recently announced a trip to Milan, Italy would be starting in 2017.