In the Life and Career of Tammy Mazzocco

Tammy Mazzocco was initially not a realtor, she became licensed in 1995. Tammy worked as a secretary at The Edwards Realty Company, a realtors company. She was in the company of nine agents, all of whom reported to Mike Zelnik. For seven years she worked as a condominium manager in Scotland Yard condominiums. It is here that she was licensed, following the suggestion of Ken Cook: a realtor and owner of Cook Realty. Cook, who also worked as general manager of Scotland Yard, played a major role in encouraging Tammy during her early years in the industry.

T&R Properties

After leaving Scotland Yard, Mazzocco started working for T&R Properties as a manager of two of its apartment complexes and an office warehouse complex. Later in 1998, Tammy became licensed as a personal assistant for a top producer: Joe Armeni. In Victoria Village, Tammy worked for Joe and was inspired to finally take up real estate full time. In 2000, she joined Judy Gang & Associates in Ohio. Gang has been a friend and mentor to Tammy to date. Now she sells residential property in Delaware, Franklin Fairfield and Licking counties of Central Ohio.

Tammy’s Every Day

Mazzocco will start her day with meditation and stretching. Before going to emails and phone messages she will get the most important tasks out of her way. As an entrepreneur, she says that setting goals and devising steps to accomplish them is a great way to get the work done. As an entrepreneur, she says she treats clients’ investment and time as though it were her own. Though the commission is important, she does not dwell on it, but rather prefers to focus on what makes the client happy, more details can be found on

Strategy and Failure

Asked about the strategy that has helped her grow her business, she cites companies like Zillow. She however also underlines customer service as her success strategy. Mazzocco says that 85% of her business she attributes to repeat business and also referrals. As failure is unavoidable in business, Tammy points out how she was not able to pre-qualify leads as a realtor and she would end up wasting a lot of time. Later, she studied scripts that other agents were using and she was no longer on a wild goose chase.

Good Read

Tammy recommends Dr. Phil’s Life Strategies to people. She enjoyed the book as it outlines 10 laws of life that are really practical. She also likes the illustrations Dr. Phil uses in the book.

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