Securus Technologies and the Effectiveness of Crime Prevention Technology

Securus Technologies has long provided technologies and accompanying tech solutions to law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities across North America, and as a result have developed, and continues to refine an understanding of the nature of certain crimes and the framework relied upon in order for to prevent it from growing in size and scale. In a display of that applied knowledge and a continued working relationship with law enforcement, Securus published a number of feedback statements from some of their many clients, commenting on the reliability of their products and services and how well they contribute to the mission of crime prevention.


In the published packet are excepts from emails written by those in various correctional departments across the United States, including some more formal communication in the form of traditional pen-and-paper correspondence. They express the crucial need for reliable technology in order to solve and prevent criminality that threatens the greater public but also in keeping an orderly atmosphere within correctional facilities by properly monitoring inmates.


Richard A. Smith, Chairman and CEO for Securus Technologies, said that it’s a constant mission within the company to assure customers that their feedback is received with seriousness and it influences how they conduct business moving forward. Almost weekly new products or services are made available to corrections departments or law enforcement organizations, and Smith said that the communication flow between Securus and their clients make it possible to provide what they need most.


According to Smith, Securus receives thousands of electronic and traditional correspondence that reaffirms the company’s crucial role in maintaining public safety and orderly institutions crucial to the criminal justice system. The company’s commitment to that role they play in business and in society is one the company takes with pride and expects to continue to do so for the foreseeable future.


Confident in their reputation and tested competence and a tech company in this niche, Securus has a standing invitation to clients of its competitors, potential clients of this industry, and prospective investors to visit their campus in Dallas, Texas to learn more about what they are capable of in person.


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