Tips on Searching For A Lawyer

One thing is for certain – finding a lawyer can be a difficult time if you do not know where to turn. What’s more, looking for a lawyer can also be difficult due to the fact that anytime you are getting in touch with a lawyer, it is under stressful circumstances. So if you are in need of an attorney, it is important that you put yourself in the best spot to succeed.


Whether you are dealing with a landlord-tenant issue, a corporate matter or child custody issue, a new online portal will be of great use to you. Recently, the New York State Bar Association unveiled such a portal, which gives you a chance to find a lawyer whenever you need one. It is worth noting that this portal is open 24 hours a day and can be used to help match you up with a lawyer that you know is very credible and professional.


Why is this portal so useful?


This portal only contains listings for State Bar Association New York attorneys that are great at their job and will always maintain active licensing and other professional credentials. Because hiring a lawyer can be very difficult, this portal gives you the opportunity to cut down on some of the time and hassle that comes with the process.


Any time that you are in need of such a lawyer, make sure you do your research on them and sit down for a professional consultation. As far as New York attorneys go, Jeremy L. Goldstein is a great option if you need corporate law representation. Jeremy Goldstein is a state bar associated lawyer who owns his own practice and has for the last three years. He has degrees from esteemed universities, such as Cornell and NYU Law school.


Consider all of these tips when you are looking to hire a professional attorney.


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Eric Pulier: A Philanthropist Who Can Wear Many Hats

Eric Pulier is an author, philanthropist and entrepreneur. He was raised in Teaneck, New Jersey. Pulier started programming computers in the fourth grade. He passionately pursued English and American literature during his studies in Harvard, majoring in the the topic and writing for the The Harvard Crimson. He attended Harvard from 1984 to 1988.


Philanthropy has played a large role in Eric Pulier’s life. In 1991, he moved to Los Angeles and started an organization called “People Doing Things.” People Doing Things focused on solving issues relating to health and education through the use of technology. Pulier also led the way in developing Starbright World in 1995–an online, private social network where chronically ill children could correspond with each other in a safe, supportive atmosphere. He serves on the board of directors for the Painted Turtle, an organization that holds an annual summer camp in California for children who are seriously ill. Pulier developed a game called Starlight World that educates children with diabetes about what happens inside the human body when a person has diabetes.


He has funded, founded or co-founded fifteen companies relating to technology. He has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for his companies throughout the years. He frequently appears at technology conferences and forums to educate people. He served on the Global Clinton Initiative and is the director of the Enterprise Leadership Council.


Eric Pulier has published pieces of literature such as “Understanding Enterprise SOA” and “The Enterprise Industrial Complex.”


Pulier has received many awards for his innovations in the field of cloud computing technology. Currently, he lives happily in Los Angeles with his four children.

Doing Things the Talk Fusion Way

Talk Fusion has a lot of products to offer. This is becoming the company that is giving people the competitive advantage. The all-in-one solution is what people are interested in when it comes down to building a competitive advantage with your marketing campaign. This award-winning technology is definitely changing the game, and entrepreneurs are looking into this platform for video email to market products.


It is a big deal when a company has award-winning software. That means everything to those that are trying to get the very best quality. Talk Fusion has a global audience. Time and time again this company has proven that it is the type of organization that is going to provide professional customization. When a company can give customers personalized software they are going to be able to work better. Entrepreneurs are going to be able to customize better solutions for marketing to customers if they get connected with customization platforms.


The video newsletters and video email are staples in the marketing campaigns for a ton of entrepreneurs that are trying to make sure that more people are seeing their videos in a new way. This is all because of Bob Reina. He is the CEO that has certainly managed to stay innovative. Email was become a second class form of marketing. With all the social media it became a back burner method for marketing to consumers. It would take something like the video email from Bob Reina and his crew of technicians at Talk Fusion to change things. This is the company that would bring marketing through email back to the front line.


The video chat and live meetings have been valuable as well. With the live meetings people can communicate with as many as 500 guests. There is no need to do the conference calls over the phone anymore. Now people can have live meetings with a large number of guests right through their laptops. This is powerful. For the companies that have a number of workers in different areas it will be much easier for streaming video and sharing files with one another.



Big Photo Shoots in Big Cities:

In big cities like New York and Philadelphia, the locations for memorable wedding and engagement photographs are endless. The professional photographers at George Street Photo and Video Address Locations can provide couples with quality pictures in both cities.

New York City has a number of landmarks to use as backgrounds for wedding photos. These include St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the Empire State Building, and Rockefeller Center. Get a panoramic shot at the famed Times Square. The Charging Bull statue on Wall Street or the lion statues at the New York Public Library are other possibilities.

In Philadelphia, have photos taken with animals at the Philadelphia Zoo. Include history in your wedding photos with the Liberty Bell or Independence Hall. For a symbol of a couple’s love, there’s no better photo backdrop than the famous “LOVE” sign.

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Mike Baur entrepreneurial career

With the growth of tech industry all over the globe, a good number of people would like to be part of it. Some of the most wealthy persons at the moment are people who made their wealth through tech. Mike Baur is a business man who has been operating in various business segments for quite a long span of time. Before starting a company with his co-founder, he was working in the banking industry. While in the banking segment, he was able to learn a lot about business ventures and other key things which enable one to succeed in business.

After his career in banking, he started running his company well known as Swiss Startup Factory. This is an entity which fully focuses on startups all over the globe. Someone who has a startup and would like to get guidance from someone who has been In the market for a reasonable amount of time should consider visiting the firm. Apart from the company offering support in various ways, it may also fund your venture basing on its speculated performance in the near future. The cash will enable you to support the startup in one way or another.

Apart from serving people with startups through his firm, Mike has also been participating in different pitching contests which have been put in place by various universities. One of the ways of promoting entrepreneurial spirit in various tertiary institution is by simply encouraging students to participate in pitching contest. This will make them think critical on how best they can make the world a better place by solving a given subject. With the high unemployment rate being recorded at the moment, more young persons are being encouraged to venture into business and entrepreneurial activities which will create jobs.

Over the years Swiss Startup Factory has been co-venturing different businesses with other institutions with different expertise. By so doing the firms have ended up performing very well in a good number of their business ventures. By sharing ideas and resources, the ventures have been made viable. Some of the institutions which are now working with Swiss Startup Factory include Fintech Fusion and CTI. Due to the incredible results being realized Baur, Wall Street Journal profiled his entire career. The journal critically explained how he was able to perform well in various sectors and also what he is planning to do in the near future