Mike Baur entrepreneurial career

With the growth of tech industry all over the globe, a good number of people would like to be part of it. Some of the most wealthy persons at the moment are people who made their wealth through tech. Mike Baur is a business man who has been operating in various business segments for quite a long span of time. Before starting a company with his co-founder, he was working in the banking industry. While in the banking segment, he was able to learn a lot about business ventures and other key things which enable one to succeed in business.

After his career in banking, he started running his company well known as Swiss Startup Factory. This is an entity which fully focuses on startups all over the globe. Someone who has a startup and would like to get guidance from someone who has been In the market for a reasonable amount of time should consider visiting the firm. Apart from the company offering support in various ways, it may also fund your venture basing on its speculated performance in the near future. The cash will enable you to support the startup in one way or another.

Apart from serving people with startups through his firm, Mike has also been participating in different pitching contests which have been put in place by various universities. One of the ways of promoting entrepreneurial spirit in various tertiary institution is by simply encouraging students to participate in pitching contest. This will make them think critical on how best they can make the world a better place by solving a given subject. With the high unemployment rate being recorded at the moment, more young persons are being encouraged to venture into business and entrepreneurial activities which will create jobs.

Over the years Swiss Startup Factory has been co-venturing different businesses with other institutions with different expertise. By so doing the firms have ended up performing very well in a good number of their business ventures. By sharing ideas and resources, the ventures have been made viable. Some of the institutions which are now working with Swiss Startup Factory include Fintech Fusion and CTI. Due to the incredible results being realized Baur, Wall Street Journal profiled his entire career. The journal critically explained how he was able to perform well in various sectors and also what he is planning to do in the near future


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