Omar Boraie a philanthropist and real estate development guru

Omar Boraie is a renowned businessman whose focus is on real estate development in New Brunswick, New Jersey. He is the Founder and Vice President of Boraie Development, a real estate development company that was responsible for the transformation of New Brunswick into the urban jungle it is now. Apart from real estate development, Boraie Development also offers property management, and sales and marketing services, to all aspects of the urban real estate sector.

When Omar came to the U.S. from Egypt 40 years ago, he had a vision of transforming the then dying New Brunswick neighborhood to a real estate orchard with state of the art buildings. Back then, the streets of New Brunswick were deserted by 4 p.m. Omar envisioned the New York style of construction in the area. He began by constructing large story apartment blocks for communities to live in. He also purchased old run-down buildings and converted them into state of the art office spaces. Omar witnessed the same occurrence in Europe, while he was a traveling Chemistry scholar from Egypt. Check out Crunchbase for more details.

As a sign of giving back to the community, Sam Boraie is a leading philanthropist in New Brunswick. He has sponsored several prestigious institutions to organize several summer events. He also serves on the Elijah’s Promise board, a non-profit organization that feeds the hungry and homeless.

According to Central Jersey Working Moms, Omar Boraie is a strong believer in developing the communities around him. He considers developing communities as a pre-requisite for the development of properties. Omar serves on the Board of Trustees at the State Theatre in New Brunswick. During the summer of 2016, Boraie Development along with The Provident Bank Foundation published through the New Jersey Stage the airing of free movies at the State Theatre. The movies that were featured in this sponsorship included Frozen, E.T. the Extra Terrestrial, Despicable Me 2, Babe, Monsters University, and Aladdin. All these movies aired from July 12 to August 16 at 10:30 am and 7:30 pm.

The Vice President of Boraie Development mentioned that the company was eager to sponsor the movies as a gift to local families and young people. The choice of having the movies at the State Theatre was due to the venue holding historic value to the community. The target was for 7,500 locals to enjoy family and friends time together. The State Theatre boasts of having a state-of-the-art digital cinema high definition projection system which includes, a Barco projector, a 46-inch Stewart film screen, and a digital surround cinema sound system. The theatre seats 1,850 people in comfort with the option of audiences sitting in balconies, just like it once happened in the Hollywood glory days.

Damages Under Control with Aloha Restoration

Aloha Restoration is the most recent partition of the Aloha Construction Company, a group that is owned by a family and hires licensed contractors. Aloha Restoration specializes in fire and smoke restoration, mold removal and remediation, water restoration and mitigation services, and home remodeling.

If anyone is experiencing damages due to mold, water, fire or you just need to revamp your house, Aloha Restoration is the place to seek help from. Instead of just removing the mold, they find the route course of the mold and attend to the problem. This gives a long term solution for the mold problem. They can work on partial revamping or full renovation of your house at an affordable rate. They are tech certified by the Institute of inspection, cleaning, and restoration and they have a rating of 4.9 or A+ by the Better Business Bureau Organization for their well-performed services.

Aloha Construction focuses on roofing, installing gutters and replacement of windows. The Company operates within and surrounding areas of Lake Zurich in Illinois. It has completed over 18 thousand projects in different areas since it was founded. Aloha Construction leaves by the principle of providing quality and affordable construction services to its clients. For all their services, Aloha Construction provides you with a free inspection of your home or building, they provide an assessment of the extent of damages and recommends what needs to be done in order to avoid and sort the issue long term.

Aloha Construction has been in the industry for many years and this has earned them a vast amount of experience, hence, making them your best selection for constructions and repairs. All their employees are certified, give quality services and even go to an extent of providing warranties of up to 10 years for their work. They are fast and efficient in their services to bring your home or building back to its best look.


José Auriemo Neto and His Award Winning Company JHSF

The Story Of JHSF

José Auriemo Neto is the Chairman and Executive Officer at JHSF. JHSF is a leader when it comes to the high-end real estate sector in Brazil. JHSF makes residential and commercial acquisitions all around the country of Brazil. JHSF is a company that was founded in 1972, and the company has been a pioneer when it comes to innovation and sustainable solutions. JHSF has its headquarters in São Paulo Brazil, and they are experts when it comes to malls, hotels, restaurants, executive airports, and corporations. JHSF has shares that are traded on the BM & FBovespa’s Novo Mercado.

The Makings Of José Auriemo Neto

José Auriemo Neto had a youth that was full of learning and activities. When José Auriemo Neto was only 9 years old, he learned how to drive; Auriemo Neto was determined to learn, so he begged his fathered to teach him. Between the ages of 11 and 13, he went to an International Training Camp in Japan with other innovative children. José Auriemo Neto played soccer with an international amateur team as well. José Auriemo Neto opened his first company when he was only 17 years old; this was a company that had a small network of parking lots. José Auriemo Neto went on to study engineering, and soon after leaving college, he was on his way to making his first million. José Auriemo Neto is a man who has lead a life of success and determination; that is why he is a multi- millionaire.

A Little Info About José Auriemo Neto

José Auriemo Neto is known as Zeco by his close friends and family. José Auriemo Neto is married to Mariana Auriemo. Mariana Auriemo is a business administrator. Together, they have two children, and the family has a busy schedules. José Auriemo Neto is an avid golfer, and he also loves to travel with his family.

Betsy DeVos, Clarifying Educational Opportunities Through Philanthropy

What I learned from examining the life of Betsy DeVos is that I must always analyze a situation and gather facts before deciding on a course of action. When she was just a young college, Betsy had her eyes set on a career in the political arena. She didn’t sit back and hope and dream about one day. No, she started with what she had, from the position she was in and became involved in the political scene at Calvin College. After completing her undergraduate studies, she went on to build a 30 year career with various organizations, including political action committees (PACS) and serving six years as Chairman of the Republican Party in Michigan.In a seemingly natural development, like most of us, her life evolved and as a married woman she would join her husband in the public and the nonprofit sector. Betsy and her husband, Dick DeVos have shown us how to deliver value, based on the choices you make.

Together, the DeVoes have more than enough money to live comfortably; but rather than sit back and passively observe life, they became involved in multiple philanthropy ventures.Betsy was driven by disappointments with the lack of educational commitment at her high school. Education became a cause and a platform, but more importantly it changed how she approached other parents. While visiting the Potter’s House Christian School in Grand Rapids, she noted how some parents made financial sacrifices so that their children could attend. After she and Dick visited time and time again, they decided to help the school. Over the years, their financial gift giving to Potter House has increased. From there, she began advocacy with the American Federation for Children. It’s a nationwide financial support initiative that provides vouchers for children to attend the school of their choice.

Today, with her role as the Secretary of Education, it is clear to see how Betsy DeVos’ early political involvement paved the way. Her mother was a teacher, so education was always an important facet of her life. Betsy began working within her own hometown to increase the funding and support for better educational opportunities for all children. In Grand Rapids, she served as an in-school mentor for 15 years, before becoming an advocate for school choice. Betsy DeVos’ tireless devotion to children’s education lead to 25 states, including the District of Columbia adopting higher standards for school choice. I would say that’s impressive to say the least, but what’s most interesting is the fact she had the money to send her children to the best schools. Yet, she still cared about providing vouchers for those who couldn’t afford private schooling.

Top Eco-Conscious Travel Destinations

It is human nature to seek a sense of adventure and travelling to a new destination when you get the time and resources is how most people feed this urge. Tourists form the world’s largest industry and thus have a great impact to the socio-economic sectors of the destinations they choose to visit. Travelers and tourists thus have power. Power which movements such as the Wild Ark would like to influence to bring about change and make the world better. Learn more:

The Wild Ark is a conservation movement concerned with the dangers that face the world’s natural and wild environments and works actively to change that. The group entails members who are passionate about the conservation of the natural wild environment and are hence committed to educating others on the importance of protecting the wild and ultimately the planet for its future inhabitants. The Wild Ark movement, therefore exercises its influence through campaigns such as advocating for eco-friendly destinations. That therefore, encourages tourists to travel to these destinations and acts as a reward to the economy of these destinations as well as a challenge to other non-eco-friendly destinations that would want to enjoy the same benefits.

The following is a compilation of some of the top eco-friendly destinations within the globe.


Some of the most majestic wild animals have habitats in parks and reserves within this country. Animals that tourists travel from all over the world to come and see. The Kenyan government has gone on to create Ecotourism Kenya. This is meant to keep an eye on the country’s natural resources. The Kenyan lodges are also rated according to their environmental friendliness.


Chile scored the highest for environmental protection due to the measures taken by the Chile government to conserve their environment. These measures include the approval of Carbon tax, which Chile was the first in South America to achieve. It also has implemented measures towards acquiring 20% of its energy from renewable sources.

Costa Rica

This country is well known for its natural beauty and biodiversity. Ranging from its national parks, rainforests and nature reserves Costa Rica is a beloved tropical gateway for tourists from all over the world. However, this country is at the forefront of eco-consciousness. Most of the lodges in Costa Rica are eco-lodges to ensure that the eco-tourism infrastructure is on point.

As members of the world as a community, we have an unwritten responsibility to preserve its nature including its wild and natural environment. As travelers, tourists and bringers of revenue to the destinations that you visit you can exercise this responsibility and impact change. Or you can join the Wild Ark movement if you are passionate enough. Learn more:


Roberto Santiago Makes Commercial Real Estate Boom in Brazil

Roberto Santiago is changing the landscape in Latin America. He is all about the creation of commercial real estate that can make life easier for shoppers. Roberto Santiago has proven that he has the skills to present his vision to a mainstream audience. He has managed to do great things in commercial real estate with the Manaira Shopping Mall and this was just the beginning of what he would have in store for tourists and natives of Brazil.


Roberto Santiago started his career in a different area outside of the real estate industry. This is not where he originally made his money early in life. He was once a writer that wrote great articles about happenings in Brazil, but he would inevitably stumble upon the real estate industry and become passionate about commercial real estate. This is what more people would know Roberto Santiago for in his older age.


As a leader in the real estate industry in Brazil Roberto Santiago has been able to transform commercial real estate through the Manaira Mall. He started it over two decades ago, and the mall has continued to grow in popularity ever since. This expansive mall is all a part of the strategy that Roberto Santiago had for helping consumers save time and enjoy every aspect of their outing. It can be a cumbersome task to go shopping and then look for places to be entertained. This can get old after awhile, but people that are willing to make a trip to this mall will not have to leave the parking lot once they park their cars. Every thing that they may want to do can be done inside of this mall without any type of roaming around other areas in Brazil.


The colorful landscape of Brazil has always been a big tourist attraction, and many people like to come here because it is a lively city. Roberto knew that he would be bringing something that people would embrace if he created a huge mall like the one that he has developed in Brazil. He knew that there would be lots of tourists to line up in order to check out the great mall that he presented.


The food court has a number of selections, and there are an abundant number of entertainment outlets. This just makes the process of shopping much easier. Anyone that has been out in a mall to shop will discover that they may not be able to find what they want to get right away. This means if they will have to browse clothes through different stores. The shopping center and amusement park just helps people relax in between their shopping from one store to the next.


End Citizens United Has Helped More People

One thing that End Citizens United has been able to do with the people who they are working with is providing them with all of the options that they need to make a difference for other people. They want to allow people the chance to donate their time and their money to the candidates that they support. They also want to be able to make sure that these candidates are getting the money back that they need from the different situations that they have helped out with. When citizens have to fight corporations to be able to make a difference in the campaigns of different politicians, there is a problem with the system and with the way that the government is able to handle different things. The way that everything has worked for people has been different and has caused issues for people in different areas of the United States.

In local elections, it is nearly impossible for citizens to compete against corporations. They would never be able to win and that would cause problems for the candidates. While this is an issue, the even bigger one comes in national elections. Even if thousands of people donated all of the money that they had, they wouldn’t be able to match the donations that were provided by corporations. Because of this, the citizens united has made it hard for citizens to be able to make a difference in their own lives. Politics are not the same as what they once were and that is problematic for End Citizens United because they want to see real change in the areas that they are in.

End Citizens United knows what they need to do. They need to keep making money and bringing awareness to the areas that they are trying to fight against. One thing that they have done is raise over four million dollars. While this seems like a lot of money for just a few months, their projection is to raise over 35 million dollars in the coming months. They believe that this amount of money will be enough for them to truly help out the citizens and to make a difference while going up against the government and corporations.

All of this is something that was the result of unfair things being brought to the United States. People need to understand the issues that come with letting corporations donate to campaigns and they need to know that there will be issues that come along with fighting it. End Citizens United is hoping that they will be able to fix the corruption and that they will be able to show people what they can do if they help End Citizens United.