Nathaniel Ru’s Journey and Contribution to the Success of Sweetgreen

Sweetgreen is a farm-to-table style restaurant. It was an idea developed by Nathaniel Ru and his friends Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman in 2007. It was after having trouble to find a healthy, fun and easy place to have their meals while at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

They started it in the middle of the downtown area in a 560 square-foot tavern on M street. The landlord of the space was initially hesitant to meet up with them and rent them space, but with persistence, they were able to meet eventually.

At that time they had a business plan of about three pages of, which one of the pages was on finances. The landlord saw the determination in them, so he told them to find an architect and some business backers and get a real plan.

That took them three and a half weeks, and the landlord accepted to give their concept a try.

Their fresh and healthy foods caught a significant consumer attention, and they now have stores in the Northeast’s major cities and their suburbs.

Most of their ingredients come from local farmers and purveyors. The partners note that people do not buy what you do, but they buy the way you do it. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

They also have values, which include winning, sustainability, and keeping it real. They applied the idea of connecting music to food, which brought in more customers than before. That grew into the region’s largest music and food festival that attracted 20,000 people and many local food purveyors.

Sweetgreen has a mobile app that allows customers to pay at the counter where they can amass points. When they accumulate the points to $100, a percentage of their purchases is contributed to a company’s program that teaches healthy eating to students in their cities referred to as sweetgreen in school.

They have partnered with other healthy lifestyle business, which has enabled an increase of their customers.

Nathaniel Ru is the Co-Chief Executive Officer of Sweetgreen. Nathaniel noted that how they enter a market is just as important to them as how many stores they do. Their services are consistent to each customer, which makes enhances reliability for customers when ordering in-store or with their app.

Their dressings and products are made from the produce delivered every morning. Their kitchen has an open design; therefore, their guests can see the activities going on in the kitchen. That creates confidence in their clients.

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