Dr. Mark McKenna’s Business Ventures


Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical doctor and a highly successful entrepreneur that has certainly made a name for himself in both professions. It is also interesting to note that Dr. Mark Mckenna is also the CEO and Founder of OVME. He is a licensed surgeon and completed his degree at the prestigious Tulane University Medical School. His first career move was to join his father in a lucrative medical career. However, his career interest changed because he always had a strong interest in the real estate industry. Dr. McKenna decided to pursue this interest.

McKenna Venture Investments

After pursing a medical degree and practicing with his father, the doctor decided to devote time to pursuing his real interest, which was in real estate. He started the McKenna Venture Investments. Through the years, his real estate firm grew and was joined by other ventures. However, his rapidly expanding fortune in the real estate industry came to halt. This was due to the devastating effect that Hurricane Katrina had on the city of New Orleans and Dr. Mark McKenna’s business ventures. Still, he did not give up. McKenna lent a helping hand to rebuilding New Orleans with affordable housing, and Mark McKenna’s lacrosse camp.

New Beginnings

A few years later, Dr. Mark McKenna decided to relocate to Atlanta, Georgia. He started several very successful ventures in his new location. The ventures included ShapeMed, which was a wellness practice. In addition, he became the CEO and the Founder of OVME. OVME is a medical aesthetics company. Dr. McKenna has high hopes to grow and develop the company through a software application that makes it easier for people to find the healthcare aesthetics that they desire and book appointments through the application. Dr. McKenna is very excited about this new direction. Dr. Mark McKenna earned a medical degree, but his heart has always been in the entrepreneurial field and finding innovative ways to make life better for people, and http://www.pr.com/press-release/590359.

Entertainment Revolution with Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall

What is the main objective of working? It is to ensure that we get to live the life we dream about in our life. It is, therefore, important that we reward ourselves, once in a while. Many business persons also lack a chance to spend time with their loved ones. By the time they realize, their families are feeling neglected and left out.

As Roberto Santiago was growing up, he realized that his people were not able to enjoy their leisure time. There were no luxury facilities in the area. For this reason, many occupants sort to stay at home. Santiago, therefore, decided to create a leisure facility that could be a solution to all these problems.

Roberto Santiago studied finance in Pio-X-Marist. He later proceeded to the University of Joao Pessoa, where he studied Business Administration. The education was the foundation of his career. It helped him understand the fundamental skills of running a business.

After completing his studies, he got a job at Café Rosa. Café Rosa is a home décor company. Roberto Santiago was still vibrant in the investment world at his tender age. He was keen to observe everything that was happening in the company. He learned a lot and decided to begin his first venture. Santiago, therefore, began his cartonnage company. Surprisingly, the company was a success. At its younger stages, it only manufactured cardboards using cartons. The company grew to become a prestigious company in the field.

In 1987, he finally acquired all the necessary resources to begin his mastermind project. He bought the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall land and commenced the project immediately. By 1989, the mall was complete. The structure has 280 premises. Among this are medical facilities, schools, colleges, banks among other social amenities. The residents refer to the mall to a small city.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall is the home of entertainment. Everything you want for fun is in the mall. There numerous food courts in the mall. Their menu has been regularly revised to meet all the needs of the clients. They offer all modern and traditional foods.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall has gym facilities and playing stations. The equipment has made the area conducive to family outings.

The residents also enjoy watching 3D movies in the Domus Hall. The Domus hall has attracted even international artists, who would have never accepted to perform in Brazil. The mall has, therefore, generally revolutionized the state of entertainment in Brazil.

Final Verdict

Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall has changed the face of Brazil. Through the mall, they get access to great celebrities in the world.

Santiago’s goal of giving his people a recreational facility that has everything has been accomplished through the mall.


End Citizens United Warns of Dark Money in Wake of GOP Tax Bill

If you went back to the year 2010 and watched the Supreme Court case featuring James Bopp and the conservative propaganda group Citizens United, you would find yourself witness a historic moment for the United States. Of course, in this instance, the term historic does not equate to good. The 2010 SCOTUS ruling surrounding Citizens United effectively gave away the United States government to the highest bidder in a legal way by allowing corporations to claim personhood, thus allowing them to donate millions and billions of dollars to legislators in return for special favors. In return, End Citizens United was created as a political action committee to raise awareness surrounding how dangerous to democracy this event was. Recently, the GOP introduced a new tax bill which further compounded the problem of dark money in politics and this drew out End Citizens United in full force.

End Citizens United follows the lead of their PAC president, Tiffany Muller. Muller has been leading the charge for almost two years now as one of the most vocal activists against the destructive Trump regime and how dark money and special interests helped to put him into the White House. When the GOP released their tax bill, it showed a clause in the paperwork that would gut the power of the Johnson Amendment. The Johnson Amendment was set in stone in 1954 via a bipartisan United States government. The amendment effectively gave tax-exempt status to charities, social welfare orgs, and religious institutions in exchange for their agreement to stay out of the political theater. For decades this Amendment was followed in good faith, but with Trump at the head of the country, this is no longer the case.

The new GOP tax bill will stop the IRS from punishing religious institutions that choose to pursue financially supporting politicians. Muller, of End Citizens United, points to how mega-churches could then quickly become the favored way for millionaires to funnel their political contributions while also getting a tax write-off. The implications of this bill passing in its current form are more than just alarming, they are destructive to the very foundation of what the United States government has been built to do.

End Citizens United has made it their mission to raise and spread awareness of the destructive way that dark money is impacting American politics. With the new GOP tax bill, religious institutions would be turned into the preferred method for the elites and wealthy to finance their very own legislators while also getting their own write-offs for tax purposes. By allowing this tax bill to pass, the GOP is writing a blank check to billionaires while allowing them to take over and co-opt the country.

Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/end-citizens-united


Securus Technologies’ WCS Technology Guarantees Public Safety

Contraband phones in the hands of inmates is an extremely dangerous thing. Nobody can tell the story of the related dangers better than Robert Johnson. Having been a victim of a crime perpetrated through unauthorized cell phones in prisons, Robert has now dedicated his life to helping eliminate the menace. It all happened in 2010, while Robert was working at Lee Correctional Institution in South Carolina. As an officer who had been engaged in the confiscation of contraband for 15 years, Robert had rubbed the shoulders of prison gangs benefiting from illegal phones the wrong way. He became a target.


On the fateful morning of March 5th, 2010, an intruder tracked him to his home and ended up shooting him six times in his chest and stomach. Johnson agrees even his doctors still consider his survival a great miracle, the gunshot wounds were almost tragic. Since then, Robert Johnson has undergone more than 24 surgeries and pretty much remains in pain.


Sean Echols a convict who had been released not long before the crime was apprehended and judged for the attempt on Johnson’s life. Prison gangs had contacted Echols through a contraband phone. Paid him through a reloadable Greendot card and just like that the life of a corrections officer was in danger.


With such a horrifying experience, Robert Johnson now works for Securus Technologies as a consultant. The company is now deploying advanced containment technology that absolutely manages the problem of contraband phones in prisons. The technology takes off unauthorized phones in a specific facility from any network rendering them useless.


As a 3.30 minute video filmed on Facebook live by an inmate with a contraband cellphone began to circulate online, Johnson could not understand why elected leaders could not take advantage of available technology. It is incidents like that one that Securus Technologies’ Wireless Containment Solutions is designed to stop. There is a zero chance that a criminal convicted of burglary and brandishing a knife could have used a contraband in a facility deploying the WCS technology.


A few weeks ago, Securus Technologies released crucial data that gives a picture of how dire the situation had become in some facilities. Between July 2016 and July 2017, Securus Technologies’ Wireless Containment Solutions detected and prevented 1.7 million illegal communications in only 8 prison facilities. Nobody needs to imagine the damage prevented by the blockage of those illegal phone calls. Looking at the latest incidence, however, Johnson was glad that it was just a video and not another event where a criminal was organizing a crime from behind bars.


To captain Johnson, preventing another attempt on the life of a hard-working citizen is on top of the agenda. With technologies like that deployed by Securus Technologies, we can always ensure public safety for citizens and inmates alike.


Equities First-French Tribune

Equities First-French Tribune is a global company to admire. The company provide an easy way to qualify for a stock-based loan. The lending options are astounding, and easy to apply for. You will welcome the terms, that are fast and simple to qualify for.

Equities First-French Tribune can aid with all your financial needs. Even if you have bad credit, you can sign up for a loan. There is no credit history needed or household income needed. You will be excited that you made this choice to obtain instant cash! It’s a trusted place to qualify for an easy loan.

Source of the article : https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/08120457

What Ends Citizen United Thinks Of The Trumps Administration Intentions Of Ripping Off The Johnson Amendment

The Russian involvement in the American election is the topic of interest most Americans are focusing on. It is believed that Donald Trump colluded with the Kremlin to interfere with the 2016s election outcome. Currently, the investigations of the Russian involvement in the election occupies the news coverage round the clock with new evidence being brought to light.

While the American public focuses o this, the Trump administration is slowly ripping of the very fabric of American campaign laws. The recent target of Trump’s government is the Johnson Amendment. The Johnson Amendment forbids any religious organization from meddling in American elections or participating in it through supporting or opposing any candidate. The reason for enacting the Johnson amendment is to ensure that spiritual entities are non-partisan in the electoral process.

In a press release issued by End Citizen United dated 30th August 2017, the institution strongly opposed Donald Trump and his administration on their move to weaken and do away the Johnson Amendment. The Johnson Amendment was introduced by the United States senator Lyndon Johnson, and he later went on to be an American president.

In the press release issued by End Citizens United, Tiffany Muller who is the current president of the organization, warned that if the stripping away of the Johnson Amendment is successful, politicians will use churches for secret campaign spending on the electoral process. Additionally, on assessing the implications of the move to repeal the amendment, Tiffany stated that tax-free money would be funneled to political candidates. Other than this, political candidates who donate to these churches and religious organizations will receive tax-free deductions.

Since the introduction of the Johnson Amendment, it has been a non-issue. Churches and any other tax-exempt entities always have in support of the amendments as it provides the separation of the religious bodies from the government as guaranteed by the American constitution. Most people misinterpret the amendment by thinking that churches are forbidden to engage in politics. Contrary to this, churches are allowed to weigh in on political issues.

In fact, churches can organize multiple events to support the party and political candidate they wish. In America, churches are allowed to keep the voter registration drives because they are considered to be a non-partisan faction. It would be a significant loss if the Eisenhower signed law is ripped off.

Other than the fight to defend the Johnson amendment from the Trump administration, the End Citizen United has been engraved on many battles to see that the American electoral laws are upheld. The political action committee has been I existence since the 2010 supreme court decision to allow corporations and businesses to be treated as human entities with equal funding freedom to political parties. Read more on End Citizens United Explains Why We Need to Re-Evaluate Our Campaign Finance Rules:https://technewsspy.com/2017/10/06/end-citizens-united-explains-why-we-need-to-re-evaluate-our-campaign-finance-rules/


Dr. Mark McKenna Helping Others Helps Himself

When most think of doctors they think of those who practice medicine. Dr. Mark McKenna is not your typical physician. While he does quite skillfully practice medicine, he is just as much an active servant in local communities.

Dr. McKenna graduated from Tulane University Medical School and was licensed by Georgia and Florida State Board of Medical Examiners in both Medicine and Surgery. Dr. McKenna laughed ShapeMed in late 2007. His practice is using a combination of wellness and aesthetics. Wellness and aesthetics help the patient essentially revert time in their physical body. Helping their physical body and physiology strengthen itself enough almost as if it were a younger than its current age. But as stated earlier Dr. McKenna is more than a physician. He also began a company called McKenna Venture Investments. To know more about him click here.

Prior to ShapeMed, Dr. Mckenna who is from New Orleans was also devastated by the horrors of Hurricane Katrina in August of 2005. He used the loss as an opportunity to create. Dr. McKenna took it upon himself to help rebuild New Orleans. Through the city, he helped develop and redevelop low to moderate income housing for the many displaced residents. With years of work he eventually launched Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title. These companies would go to employ many people while providing a myriad of real estate solutions for a variety of needs. Dr. McKenna also discusses how speed without direction is useless. He feels that while he is successful now he could have seen more success. He spent his years trying to fly through life as a youth that he missed out on many opportunities. He regularly meditates, sets goals, and spends tons of time reading. During his meditation, he tries to visualize the actualization of the goals he sets. He believes this combination for him as attributed to much of his success is actually achieving the goals he sets for himself.

Dr. McKenna has accomplished many things. From starting successful businesses to establishing a strong medical practice. But Dr. McKenna seems to have amassed his wealth due to his desire to help others.

We Must Act to Save the DACA Program

The Frontera Fund is trying to raise awareness about a very serious matter. The DACA program, which helps out over eight hundred thousand immigrants, is in great danger. There is a good chance that it will be pulled back. In fact, the Trump Administration has been clear that they want it repealed. In addition, many Republicans in Congress and the Senate have been fighting to have it repealed. In fact, the Attorney General of Texas, along with nine other Attorneys General or Governors, has written a letter to the Trump Administration saying that if the Trump Administration does not repeal the DACA program, they will file a lawsuit against the Trump Administration. The Trump Administration is under pressure from various other groups and lobbyists to repeal DACA.

In a meeting with the Hispanic Caucus, Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly warned that the DACA program is in great jeopardy. This is very worrisome for the eight hundred thousand immigrants who rely on the DACA program in order to succeed. That is why DREAMers from all over the country must fight alongside with the Frontera Fund to stop this effort and to make sure that the DACA program remains in effect. The Frontera Fund will also provide assistance to immigrants and DREAMers who need help in this issue.

The DACA program stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. It was set up by former President Barack Obama to make sure that people who were brought here by their parents from another country while they were children through no fault of their own will not be deported. Not only that, but it made sure that they will have the ability to obtain a work permit so that they can succeed in this great country. Over eight hundred thousand people rely on this program.