Jason Hope is Banking on a Future without the problem of Growing Old

Old age is something that many people want to avoid. The fact is that most people would like to be young and healthy forever. However, reality states otherwise. The longer a person lives, the more they will grow older. There is no getting around this truth. Old age is a fact of life. However, there are some people who believe they can stop or at least slightly alter this reality.

The SENS Foundation is a non-profit research organization that specializes in medicines and solutions in relation to regenerative aging. SENS is an acronym for Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence Research Foundation. This research foundation was started in 2009 and they are currently discovering new ways to eliminate the problems associated with aging and age-related diseases.

Futurist Jason Hope is a huge supporter of the SENS foundation. He has been giving to this organization for a few years. To date, he has donated over $1 million dollars to help SENS in their efforts. Hope started to give money back in 2010. During that time, he donated $500,000 to this organization. His funds had helped them to establish a new facility in Cambridge.

Hope states that he made a huge donation to the foundation because he believes wholeheartedly in the work that they do. Since Hope is one of the nation’s leading technology forecasters, he has good insight into what technology and research will work well into the future. He wholeheartedly believes that SENS research is going to change the world in terms of slowing down the aging process and reducing the number of age related diseases.

As an internet Guru, Hope has insight into what technology will be beneficial in future. The progress that he sees in the area of aging is not just some silly idea for him. He truly believes that eliminating the effects of the aging process is going to help improve humanity’s life, economic position and their use of technology.

Hope currently works out of Scottsdale, Arizona where he currently donates his funds to various organizations. He has worked with the Boys and Girls Club, The Andre Agassi Foundation and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Desert Mountain States Chapter. He has a passion for education and for finding cures to help people. Hope is also a firm supporter of the internet of things (IOT) which he considers the next big technological wave that will impact societies and business.

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