MB2 Dental: General Information

This will provide information about a dental company called MB2 Dental. This service is located in Carrolton Texas. This is a type of dental service organization which serves as a partner to practice owners and merged dentists in every place. There are affiliated dental officer which keeps a full clinical autonomy, The MB2 team in this case is running each surface of the practice. They also have been given joined offices which are a suite of services. The services are used to the practice in an efficient way without concerning giving control up of care standards and patient care at the practice.

The business has been positioned their business around a priority. That priority is that satisfaction and care of patients is recognized of the maximum importance at MB2. The team has handled certain areas for dentists. Those areas could be burdensome, confusing, or can take time away from dentists. This helps out the owners of the dental practice, so they can focus on patient care and dentistry as well.

Recently, MB2 Dental Solutions had joined forces with a private equity firm called Sentinel Capital Partners. This is the sixth dental program represented by Sentinel. This service began in 2007 had two practices to begin with. Currently, the company has a total of eighty-five services. There are general services this practice offers. Examples are oral surgery, orthodontics, and cosmetic dentistry as well. This company is retaining and attracting dentists who are entrepreneurs which are greatly motivated and talented. They do this by contributing a type of autonomy which is clinical. Also, it offers the chance to be owners of practices of their own. This is while utilizing a model that is established and efficient. These are close words of a partner at Sentinel named Paul Murphey. The CEO and founder of MB2 Chris Villanueva believes the main driver are their fast growing and low dentist turnover are the alignment and engagement received by patients and dentists. There is also a large opportunity in continuing to grow the platform in geographies that are modern and that still exist. This is done by the capitalization on a demand that is meaningful for the dentist partnership model that is unique.

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