23 Layers of Holiday Fun

The holidays are all about getting together with friends, family, and even co workers. There are many ways to get festive when planning a holiday party. Consider these unique ideas when planning this event.

Figure out where the party would work best as far as location. You may be surprised how many places in your area there is to host a party. It could be a small restaurant or a bigger venue depending on how many guests you are looking to invite. Some venues will host a small party of 10 if you want something that is small and intimate. This also includes food, drinks, decor, and clean up. This is a convenient option, especially with all the to does on our list around this time of year.

If you wouldn’t mind hosting the event at your home, make sure to find the right space for the event. Invitations, food, decor, and music are all things to consider no matter their budget. There are solutions to these requirements on any budget. Planning ahead can help you pull this holiday party off, and host a great event for your friends.

One more thing, if you are looking for event planning companies in NYC, consider 23 Layers. 23 Layers is an event planning company that can make any vision their client has come to life. Looking for corporate event planners in NYC, 23 Layers does that too.

23 Layers has built relationships with other local businesses so they are able to provide their clients with any space they need for their next event. From hosting a large group to a small group of guests, 23 Layers has and will continue to put together the best parties for any occasion.

23 Layers knows the trends for the best food, decor, and music to provide a party your guests will be talking about for years to come. The parties they have put together are absolutely beautiful and breath taking. They will appeal to anyone. Any theme that would work for your party, can be reality with 23 Layers.


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