The Professional Journey of Malcolm CasSelle

The international virtual asset leader, OPSkins, is even now in development of a new virtual asset trading platform called WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange). This virtual platform will allow buyers and sellers to interact and do trading in a virtual atmosphere. This platform is a blockchain that unites the virtual asset market. This unification is desperately needed in the current virtual asset market since many times current users find they are restricted in what they can do because of different payment expectations, language, and security priorities.

OPSkins, is helmed by its CIO Malcolm CasSelle. CasSelle. He is now also the president of WAX. CasSelle began his career by obtaining his B.A. in Computer Science from MIT and his M.A. from Standford University. He has worked in a number of technology-based companies throughout the years since. In 1995, he co-founded and was the CTO for NetNoir. From 1998 to 2002 he served as senior vice president of Pacific Century CyberWorks. From 2006 to 2013 he managed investments for web companies. In 2012 he became CEO of Xfire.


Xfire was his first step into the video gaming world. It is an international social network for video gamers. In 2013, he became CEO of MediaPass. This is a position he still maintains. MediaPass is a digital content site is subscription-based. At the same time that he began this professional relationship, he co-founded and became CEO of Timeline Labs. In 2014, he sold the company to SeaChange International. He then became SeaChange’s Senior Vice President and General Manager. In 2015 he joined became its CEO.


In 2016, he became CTO president of new ventures for Tronc. And finally, in 2017 he became CIO of OPSkins and president of WAX. At this point, it is unclear what big thing CasSelle will do next but we can be certain that whatever it is will be just that—big.


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