What’s The Future For The Academy of Art University

Some of the finest of education in design, in liberal arts, in entertainment and in fine arts can be attained at the Academy of Art University. This San Francisco higher-learning institution is in a class of its own. Its urban campus is beautifully constructed to perfection, and the school hosts more than 12,000 students. Located on New Montgomery Street, this for-profit school is known to be one of the city’s largest property owners. Academy of Art University has been around since 1929, and it was a school of advertising art. Its founder, Richard S. Stephens, was a professional painter, and his son took over operations in 1951.


One of the biggest and best attributes of this school is that it attends the affluent New York Fashion Week on an annual basis. In 2017, Academy Art University well-represented itself with a number of fashion lines. This includes five womenswear collections, two menswear collections as well as two collaborations. The actual fashion lines were composed up of 10 BFA and MFA graduates. The bright lights of the big city rained down on Skylight Clarkson Square. This is the place where you’ll get a plethora of fashion lines that come from people that span across the globe. This was the school’s 21st runway appearance, and it surely didn’t disappoint the crowd in any way.


Did you know that runway times are only 15 minutes? There is a lot of hard work that goes into those 15 minutes. This range is from classes, from internships and from workshops. Capitalizing on the moment is crucial and this can be some of the most painstaking 15 minutes on earth. Academy of Art University has represented itself very well in the entertainment industry. Many of the school’s former-graduates have gone on to successful careers in Hollywood. This fabulous alumnus works in the fields of visual effects, in digital media, in illustration, in sound design, in film writing and in television.


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