Chemo, Radiation or Surgery is the Real Question

If you were given the chance to under go surgery or have several months of radiation or chemo for the treatment of prostate cancer, which option would you choose? Would you be afraid of what the surgery could do or would you be concerned that you may lose something that is vital to feeling like a man?

What if you were told that the odds of lasting effects on your manhood are slimmer with the surgery options than they are with the many months of chemo and radiation. The fact of the matter is that when you receive the cancer diagnosis, you immediately hear death. The facts however is that when you receive the diagnosis, your best bet is with surgery as more men that have surgery, the more that men survive the diagnosis. In recent studies performed and patients treated with prostate procedures, the more that we are finding out more about the form of cancer.

A name that you might not be familiar with is Dr. David Samadi. He has been the treating physician for a number of well established and well distinguished men in history. It has been with his help that he has been able to perform more than 7,000 surgeries on men who suffer from a form of prostate cancer.

The odds that you could have a relapse when undergoing the prostate surgery is cut when the surgery method is used compared to the method of shrinking the cells and tumor with chemo or radiation. In recent years, when data was collected, it showed that the rise of prostate cancer was climbing regardless of the options made available to them.

Someone who has recently been in the news and underwent the surgery option for prostate cancer is, Former Presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Even though the doctor who has treated him is not Dr. David Samadi, he still offers insight into how the running mate is doing following the surgery he had performed.

Dr. Samadi is a robotic surgeon who has over 7,000 cases of prostate cancer diagnosis since the start of his career. With all those surgeries performed, which do you feel would be best for you? Would you want to consider the surgical method or would you rather take months beyond months to heal with chemotherapy or radiation? Most men have opted instead to take their chances with side effects offered by holding out for surgery instead of risking everything for a option that would give you no joy anyways.

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