OSI Group Workforce in 2018

Introduction: One of the most amazing things about OSI Group is that it is a private company offering an amazing and wide variety of solutions in the food market that are very much in demand. They spread their food from 5-star hotels to food streets. Their brilliant and large workforce makes the things happen for small food businesses running around the world.

History: Many years before the launch of OSI group, there were many issues and food industry was in real demand of a leading source that everyone can follow and gets the support from. In that situation, OSI stood as a firm support and a reason for many entrepreneurs to start their food business and take their business to the next level. They became popular and entrepreneurs were excited and ready for their wonderful business ideas that they offered to them. They continued to take risks in the food industry, so they taught the same thing to the other businesses working under them.

It is a trusted multinational food company and provides every reason to the food industry to flourish. It mixes the blend and taste of American, Chinese, French and food from so many other countries.

Large workforce and the whole process: As they provided the service on a very large scale, they were considered responsible as they faced and overcame many challenges both directly or indirectly for their business. They always stood out as the top service-providers in the food industry. They are not limited to anything. They know the importance of balance in food and introducing a new taste to the taste buds of people residing around the world. They make their employees work hard and offer a competitive salary despite having such a large workforce of 20000 people. Credit goes to the business startup starters who took every possible risk and then faced all the challenges so effectively. Their workforce communicates personally and effectively with the thousands of people involved in the food business and provides new business ideas and solutions to them. One who is thinking of getting an amazing job abroad may seek to work in OSI Group, especially if one has good communication skills and is a hard worker. To know more about the company click here.

Securus Technologies Announces Drone Detection Machines to Promote Safety

Securus Technologies, a leading service provider of technology-oriented solutions for law enforcement, correctional facilities, public safety, and government–based payment services recently announced the use of active pilot programs to combat the use of drones in aiding crime in correctional facilities.


Background Look

In a report issued by Securus Technologies, inmates are using drones to supply contrabands to correctional facilities. Corrections officials have evidence suggesting that inmates are using these drones to carry drugs and cell phones in addition to weapons. For these reasons, Securus Technologies has spent the last 18 months monitoring the viability of making progress by utilizing technology to locate these drones before inmates use them for their illegal supplies to prisons.


Testing its Viability

A spokesman from Securus Technologies said that the technology is emerging. This means that it is the first in the industry and experts have not yet defined its strengths and weaknesses. However, officials at Securus Technologies have worked with experts to ensure that the machines can detect drones from as far and near they are to correctional facilities. The drone detection machines and programs will enhance safety in the community.


Trials to Better Drone Detection

Well, this being technology, it will get better with more trials in future. To ensure the continuity of progress, Securus Technologies has invested its time, resources and experts to improve technology. Also, the organization works with corrections officials who commit to ending the use of contraband gadgets in correctional facilities. Until now, the results reflect the possibilities of ending the use of contraband gadgets. The trials have also identified new tactics as well as methods to better the technology.


How It Works

Drone detection utilizes a digital antennae structure that resembles the Wireless Containment System Solution. With the assistance of the investigative system, the drone detection systems have been fine-tuned to be efficient and quick in identifying drones. It is important to note that the drone detection system is not only safe to use but also efficient.


Additional Information

The use of drones in correctional facilities is a threat to the safety of communities. To end this threat, Securus Technologies is working with the world’s leaders in drone detection machines. As the leader in the industry, Securus Technologies commits to promoting safety by all means.



Unfortunately, there is a high frequency of drone incidents in correctional facilities. This demonstrates the value of innovation as well as an initiative to end it. Securus Technologies continues to partner with some of the leading inventors to stop the harmful contraband use.



Securus Technologies serves over 2,000 correctional facilities. The company provides unmatched services using high-tech machines and communication gadgets. To ensure safety in the community, every month, Securus Technologies invents safety machines.


Securus Technologies Ensuring Drones Stay Away With the Help of Drone Detection Technology

For years, Securus Technologies has been the leader of the correctional sphere and rightly so. The company has developed a wide variety of products and services for the sector, which are presently being used by more than 3,450 correctional institutions. Over 1.2 million inmates depend upon the Securus Technologies for their communication requirements. The inmate communication services provided by Securus Technologies are highly advanced and affordable at the same time.

One of these services is video visitation service that would allow the inmate and their family and friends to communicate via a tablet or phone through the video chat interface. It means that the family and friends don’t have to visit the prison facility to see the inmate, but can do so by simply making a video call. It is a unique facility that is being provided by Securus Technologies and is helping the friends and families of inmates to save the money they use to travel all the way to the prison facility.

Securus Technologies recently rolled out two new technologies that have taken the correctional industry by storm. It first launched the wireless containment system that would help the correctional agencies to put an end to the use of contraband phones inside the prison. The increasing use of contraband phones inside the prison has been a problem for the correctional agencies for many years, and it has also contributed to increasing in the crime rate. However, Securus Technologies has helped in the development of the new technology recently by the name of the wireless containment system. It would ensure that the inmates are unable to use contraband phones inside the prison. Only the authorized phones would work, and the contraband phones would be rendered useless as they would not be able to connect to the network carrier.

Securus Technologies also launched the drone detection technology recently that would keep the drones away from the prison facility. Many incidents are being reported in the last couple of years where the drones have been caught while supplying contraband items inside the prison facility. As the drones are unmanned and sometimes, even too small to find, it becomes difficult to keep a watch when and where the drones come and go inside the prison facility. Drone detection technology has come as a relief for the correctional officers who have been finding a substantial influx of contraband items inside the prison recently, which is mainly due to the use of drones.

Securus Technologies believe that the use of drone detection technology would keep the drones away from the prisons, and the criminals won’t be able to use them to supply contraband items inside the prison. It would secure the prison perimeter from any intrusion by drones.

OSI Food solutions — Competition in Top Chicken

OSI Food Solutions is a global food production company that has recently made some massive upgrades to their operations. The company is based in Aurora. In 2016 they won a national award for environmentally friendly food production and doubled their food production capacity. Most recently, they purchased a former Tyson Foods plant based in Chicago, IL for 7.4 million dollars. This investment is sure to provide the global powerhouse with greater production capacity and monster market share. They are one of the leaders in the chicken, beef, and pork industries and they have sert high standards for companies wishing to follow in their lead.

OSI Food Solutions consolidated operations at the newly acquired processing plant and offered jobs to more than 250 former employees of Tyson. Such managerial expertise is what makes OSI an excellent company to work for and invest in. Future plans for production and improved operations were kept tightly under wraps. The company wants to remain ahead of their competition by not revealing sensitive trade secrets and inside information. We can speculate from their past improvements and acquisitions that their production capacity will no doubt increase and offer them a strong foothold in the local market. The purchase of the massive plant in Chicago provides them with the ability to increase their global meat production by an estimated 20,000 tons. Such a number is no small measure in a competitive market.

The newly acquired processing plant is located in the Back of the Yards neighborhood near another OSI processing plant. Such proximity can only serve to increase the efficiency of business operations and improve their annual output. Their customers are experiencing rapid growth and change, and OSI does what is necessary to keep up with the fast change. The senior executive vice president in OSI North America announced his excitement at the acquisition of the plant. He is eager to implement the new OSI processing plant in the greater network of OSI manufacturing.

OSI currently holds more than 60 facilities in 16 countries and operates privately. They produce meat products like chicken, beef, and pork for public and private clients. Their retail products include sausage, bacon, chicken wings, breasts, and thighs, and ground beef. Their environmentally friendly produced products have won numerous awards and can be found on family dinner tables, hospitals, grocery stores, and schools. Such an excellent company is sure to continue expanding its operations.

Former hedge fund manager Paul Mampilly predicts the end of Apple

Apple stock will decline in 2018. This is information by Paul Mampilly, an American investor with a lot of insightful information about the stock markets. Paul Mampilly joined the stock markets industry in 1991 when he was working as an assistant portfolio manager for Bankers Trust. He would later work with the biggest corporation in the financial industry such as Deutsche Bank and ING. He did not stop at that, in 2006, he became a hedge fund manager for a group known as Kinetics Asset Management. Following his leadership, at the hedge fund, it recorded an increase of 26%. It was the best hedge fund at the time. In 2009, Paul Mampilly won the Templeton Foundation for being the best trade in the stock markets. He managed to make over $88 million with an investment of $50 million.

This proved that he was the best in the industry. He defeated many other brilliant minds in stock investments to emerge the winner. So, when Paul Mampilly talks about a pair declining, he is confident of what he is talking about. He has done his analysis and is sure that if nothing happens, the stock must go in his direction.Paul Mampilly has spoken about the future of Apple, and there is no hope in this company. It is a company that will fall very soon unless it takes radical changes. The company is losing its customer base, and there is no way that the stocks will keep going up. Starting 2018, the prices will start to dip, and this is going to be the beginning of problems for this giant electronics company. Apple is losing its place in the market because it is not doing enough regarding technological growth.

The company is still stuck with the old product that was introduced by Steve Jobs in the last decade.While competitors in the industry are coming with innovative ideas, Apple is still recycling the iPhone every single year. This will not help it. Customers will lose touch with their products, and this will mark the end of the company. Competitors such as Amazon and Google have introduced new ways of doing things. Through Alexa and Google Assistance technologies respectively, these companies are doing great things. The technology is advanced and has more impact that Apple is having with their iPhones. Apple will lag back and very soon the stock will have declined by a huge margin. The recent increase that has been created by investors such as Warren Buffet buying Apple shares will not last for long.

Sussex Healthcare And Why It Still Thrives Today As A Model Healthcare Business

There are people who work in their companies or manage employees that have malicious intent and do their work with duplicity and discord. Fortunately, there are also companies that still operate and succeed today for the reason that they have what it takes to sustain their business, which includes implementing ethical practices.

In the case of Sussex Healthcare, we learn that this UK-based care and support program has been in the business because of their impressive work and dedication to take care of the elderly and the invalid, which is part of the ethics of doing business.

Latest News of Sussex Healthcare’s CEO

One of the latest things going on in Sussex Healthcare’s daily operations is the fact that it now has a new CEO, which makes it even a more exciting and thrilling company to be part of. With the new leadership style of the CEO that focuses on getting rid of the duplicity in people’s actions, Sussex Healthcare will go beyond where it is expected now. The challenges in a company would have something to do usually with employees complaining about working under corporate duress. With the new CEO of Sussex Healthcare, these won’t be a problem because of the degree of involvement of the new CEO, Amanda Morgan-Taylor.

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What Sussex Healthcare Aims To Do

The vision of Sussex is to make sure that all the elderly people can get all the necessary support and treatment they need now that they’re experiencing the symptoms of aging. Some of the services that Sussex Healthcare offers include Dementia Care, Neurological Care, Care for Older People and a multifarious series of assistance for those with learning disabilities.

These services have already been time-tested, and the fact that the company is still here means that it has a high value to the communities that it serves.

Some of the multiple services offered by the company include kitchen and dining area facilities, holistic therapies, a ground floor that’s a perfect accommodation for all the families of the patients and a specialist gym so that the physical and medical therapeutic needs of the patients are well taken care of.

The fact that Sussex is located right around the village of Broadbridge Heath, near the A281 and A29 just outside of the Horsham area in West Sussex means that it is conveniently located for those times that you want to be near a place that’s not too far from the modern urban facilities.

Search more about Sussex Healthcare: https://angel.co/sussex-healthcare