Securus Technologies Ensuring Drones Stay Away With the Help of Drone Detection Technology

For years, Securus Technologies has been the leader of the correctional sphere and rightly so. The company has developed a wide variety of products and services for the sector, which are presently being used by more than 3,450 correctional institutions. Over 1.2 million inmates depend upon the Securus Technologies for their communication requirements. The inmate communication services provided by Securus Technologies are highly advanced and affordable at the same time.

One of these services is video visitation service that would allow the inmate and their family and friends to communicate via a tablet or phone through the video chat interface. It means that the family and friends don’t have to visit the prison facility to see the inmate, but can do so by simply making a video call. It is a unique facility that is being provided by Securus Technologies and is helping the friends and families of inmates to save the money they use to travel all the way to the prison facility.

Securus Technologies recently rolled out two new technologies that have taken the correctional industry by storm. It first launched the wireless containment system that would help the correctional agencies to put an end to the use of contraband phones inside the prison. The increasing use of contraband phones inside the prison has been a problem for the correctional agencies for many years, and it has also contributed to increasing in the crime rate. However, Securus Technologies has helped in the development of the new technology recently by the name of the wireless containment system. It would ensure that the inmates are unable to use contraband phones inside the prison. Only the authorized phones would work, and the contraband phones would be rendered useless as they would not be able to connect to the network carrier.

Securus Technologies also launched the drone detection technology recently that would keep the drones away from the prison facility. Many incidents are being reported in the last couple of years where the drones have been caught while supplying contraband items inside the prison facility. As the drones are unmanned and sometimes, even too small to find, it becomes difficult to keep a watch when and where the drones come and go inside the prison facility. Drone detection technology has come as a relief for the correctional officers who have been finding a substantial influx of contraband items inside the prison recently, which is mainly due to the use of drones.

Securus Technologies believe that the use of drone detection technology would keep the drones away from the prisons, and the criminals won’t be able to use them to supply contraband items inside the prison. It would secure the prison perimeter from any intrusion by drones.

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