OSI Group’s History And Successes

The US-based company, OSI Group, is one of the biggest food processing firms in the world. The multi-billion company has production facilities in America, Asia, and Europe. The Group has received recognition for its ability to provide food products and solutions in the food industry. The food manufacturing organization supplies beef, bacon, and sausage, seafood dough, poultry, cheese, as well as fruits and vegetables. OSI goes out of its way to provide not just meat products, fruits, and vegetables, but rather, food products that are custom value-added. The fact that it is among the largest private companies in the U.S, it ensures to avail both unbeatable resources and reach.

OSI Group has 65 facilities in 17 countries with approximately 20,000 workers. Through consistency and responsiveness, OSI Group is able to support its clients’ operations as far facilitating future growth and global presence is concerned. OSI Group works hard to make sure that people who interact with its products enjoy a quality experience almost everywhere in the world.

History of OSI Group
Formerly known as Otto Kolschowsky Meat Market, OSI Group was established in 1909 by a German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky. In 1928, the company changed its name to Otto & Sons until 1975 when it transformed to OSI Industries or OSI Group, LLC. From the time of its inception, OSI food manufacturer and supplier has managed to maintain its unrelenting commitment to support the success of its clients.

It is this dedication towards the success of its clients that OSI Group, LLC has always received recognition as the leading food provider from top global brands. For instance, it appeared at position 58 of the Forbes’ list of America’s Largest Private Companies. The Forbes’ 2016 list contains companies whose most recent revenues (2015 fiscal year) exceeded $2 billion. Another eligibility criterion was for the companies not to have too many shareholders as to warrant a need for the filing of financial statements with the SEC. Firms whose ownership of shares is restricted to a group of individuals say family members or employees qualified for analysis. Foreign firms, those that do not pay income tax, mutually owned companies and those with less than a hundred employees were left out.

Acquiring Baho Food
Towards the end of 2016, OSI Group acquired Baho Food, which operates five subsidiaries serving clients in almost 18 European countries. The Dutch manufacturer of deli meat, snacks, and other foods of convenience has processing plants in Germany and Netherlands. This acquisition came at a time when OSI group was looking forward to broadening its presence in Europe. Another reason that advanced the acquisition decision is the fact that the brand and product portfolio of Baho matches with OSI’s processing capacity.

Online Public Relations

In earlier times, the only people that needed reputation management were celebrities or public figures. However, they have always had professionals do PR for them. However, the internet has changed a lot of that. With the internet, anyone could become famous, especially with the emergence of social media. As with fame, people could also take a hit to their reputation. Also, people are also vulnerable to attacks online. For one thing, it is not uncommon for people to become famous for the wrong reasons. Fortunately, there are online reputation management companies that are there to help people with their reputation.

Darius Fisher, the founder of Status Labs advises people to focus on building their own reputation so that they can be famous for something that is positive as opposed to a crisis or scandal. As a matter of fact, he recommends people that are thinking about starting a business or going public in any way to consider the help of an online reputation management firm. After all, first impressions are going to last a long time for many people.

Status Labs, being one of the 500 fastest growing companies has locations in Sao Paulo, Austin, LA, and New York. They are not only a success in the United States, they also provide their services in more than 40 countries. As a result, a growing number of people are learning to trust them to provide the services they need in order to get their life back on track. Status Labs (http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/status-labs-wins-fast-50-distinction-from-austin-business-journal-300324587.html) has a lot of different methods that will continue to build the reputation of clients so that they will be able to enjoy even greater success in their careers.

Global Entrepreneur Eric Pulier

The world of today’s markets are markets that must reach beyond the local community. As someone who has started my own businesses, I’ve come to realize that global reach is vital. Without it, we are all lost. The person who helped teach me this trick is someone who I’ve known for many decades.Eric Pulier is a technological expert and a business expert with global reach. Under his mentoring, I’ve learned that it is possible to take all kinds of technology and use it in ways that aren’t just about local concerns but also about taking into account the needs of much of the entire world as well. He has shown us all that technology is also something that everyone can understand and use no matter what their own personal background. Source: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/eric-pulier

Overcoming My Fears

When I worked with Eric Pulier, I learned that technology isn’t just a concept that had no relevance in my life. As he has repeatedly shown, technology needs to be an integral part of all our lives no matter what we do or where we happen to live. He knows that the power of technology is very much about the power of the human spirit, a spirit that lies within humanity.

Seeing The Future

When I work with him, I see how the future isn’t just something that you might fear. I see how the future is something that we can delight in. I saw this when he was in Washington D.C. and tapped to help create an exhibit that showed how technology might be used.  I have felt very much the same way as I have learned from Pulier how to take his concepts and ideas and use them in the companies I have personally started. His help has been invaluable in this area as he has taught me so much about technological innovations and modern concepts.

The Ambitious Rise Of Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is called a genius, a game changer and the person to watch by many who know him. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Oxford University and a Master of Law from Columbia University. While attending Columbia, he was editor of the Business Journal. In 2013 he was employed by Merrill Lynch, serving as head of Asia Pacific Capital, one of the largest independent firm.

It doesn’t matter what Sam Tabar gets involved in, he puts his expertise and mastery, to obtain the maximum outcome. Tabar started out working with Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher and Flom LLP as an associate. His work involved counseling clients about hedge funds; in regards to compliance and regulatory matters. Then, in 2004, he changed course to explore his knowledge as a financial investor. He secured a position at PMA Investment Advisers. There he was in charge of a two billion hedge fund account.

This bold move helped Sam Tabar to work alongside PMA’s business partners and the Chief Executive Office on various business deals. Before moving on, he helped PMA Investment Advisors increase the company’s assets by over one billion. Taber has had many successful investments, one of which is “SHETHINX”. This company helps women in Africa And Asia, take a new approach when it comes to feminine hygiene.

Sam Tabar has had a very impressive ride to the top, as his background shows. It’s no wonder he is pursued by many companies.  He now holds positions as Chief Operation Officer of Full Cycle Energy Fund, located in New York, and Chief Financial Officer for Awearable Apparel. We will continue to see, what his next move will be.

SOLVY is Changing Lives Around the Country

Math is an extremely tough subject that can unlock a bright future for children throughout the world. Americans recognize just how vital mathematics education is when they invest heavily in STEM education programs. These programs have made major inroads with students around the world, but unfortunately, many children continue to struggle with math. Alexei Beltyukov is a brilliant businessman who has made a name for himself in both the United States and Russia. He loves finding new and exciting ways to solve old problems, and recently he committed himself to solving America’s mathematics education problem.

Alexei Beltyukov talked to mathematics teachers throughout the country and one universal issue kept coming up. Math teachers were struggling to find the right practice problems for their students. They wanted their students to feel challenged but also be able to work through the problem set. Alexei knew there was a better way , so he launched SOLVY.

Teachers are able to assign students particular problems based on their interests and student needs. Students can then work on the problems at home. The problems are not multiple-choice, and students have to show their work throughout. Once a student has worked on enough problems, the teacher receives a notification that the work is done. Teachers are given a large amount of data on student performance and can then assign further work so students can improve.

SOLVY has received rave reviews from critics across the country. Teachers love the fact that SOLVY generates the problems for them and SOLVY provides educators with useful data. SOLVY helps many teachers focus on actual instruction, and schools around the country are crediting the new application with turning their mathematics education around.

Alexei Beltyukov says on social media, he is extremely pleased with SOLVY and he loves the feedback he receives from teachers around the world. He hopes to continue working on the platform and hopefully unveil new pieces to the SOLVY system in years to come. Alexei Beltyukov is also working on revitalizing the Russian economy and he has seen some success with that project.

Kenneth Goodgame: An Operations Management Leader

When it comes to being a leader in Operations Management, no one in today’s business world has more experience than Ken Goodgame. As the Chief Merchandising Officer for True Value Hardware, he has combined innovative marketing strategies and streamlined finances to help the company become even more successful.

Responsible for managing over $320 million worth of inventory, Kenneth Goodgame began to implement a five-year plan aimed at increasing True Value’s long-term growth. By creating a team culture that was able to involve everyone from sales floor personnel to upper management, Ken revitalized the company’s efforts to beat the competition and once again made True Value a company that customers looked to for the best prices and service.

Always being an executive with an eye on market shifts, Ken made sure True Value was a company that allowed its best employees to assume positions of leadership within the organization. Knowing the key to success was finding those who were working the hardest and rewarding them for their efforts, he quickly established himself as an executive who could spot talent and was not afraid to give hard-working employees a chance to prove themselves. Whether it was at True Value, Ace Hardware, Techtronic Industries, or any of his other business endeavors over the years, Ken has always been a person who came in and turned things around. From his creating more than $50 million in annual wholesale sales at Ace Hardware or his taking Techtronic Industries from a company losing $2.5 million annually to one with more than $5 million in profits, Ken’s reputation as a go-getter who knows what it takes to succeed has only gotten bigger in recent years. As he continues on his quest to make True Value hardware one of the best companies in the world, Ken will always be looking for ways the company can improve.

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Eric Pulier is a brilliant man

Technology is a major driver of innovation within the business community. A new technology can truly change the way people perceive the world and lead to more money coming in. Technology is constantly evolving, and businesses that want to grow have to keep up with the trends. The best way to keep up with the latest business trends is to hire quality staff that is extremely technically savvy. One of the most technologically sound business leaders in the world today is Eric Pulier.

Eric has had an extremely long and successful career. He started as a young fourth grader who was programming computers. By high school, Eric was running his own database company. Eric was a bright star in his high school, and he easily earned a spot at Harvard.

After graduating, Eric worked for several companies, but he quickly decided that he wanted to run his own business. Eric moved to Los Angeles in the early nineties, and he quickly launched his first company, People Doing Things. People Doing Things looked to use technology to address major issues within society, including education and healthcare.

People Doing Things was extremely successful, but Eric eventually wanted to open other businesses. He launched an interactive agency in the mid-nineties called Digital Evolution. Pulier also helped develop Starbright World, a social network for kids that are suffering from terminal illnesses.

Eric quickly developed a reputation within the business and technology world. In the mid-nineties, Eric served on several presidential committees. Eric loves giving back and many of his business ventures are focused on helping people around the world.

Today, Eric Pulier is widely considered one of the brightest technological minds in the business community. His brilliance is in demand, and he occasionally consults other companies. Eric primarily focuses on his work with the X-Prize foundation and on his charitable works. Eric hopes to leave a fantastic legacy behind, so others will make a great impact as well.

Source: http://www.xprize.org/about/innovation-board/eric-pulier

How John Goullet Serves the IT Sector through DIVERSANT LLC

DIVERSANT LLC is a leading provider of IT staffing solutions in the United States. African-Americans hold most of the company’s shares, and it is licensed as a Minority Owned Business Enterprise. The firm and its employees are well informed and experienced in the provision of IT staffing solutions such as creative diversity, IT augmentation, and direct contracting. All services that are offered by DIVERSANT are based on strategies that are efficient, and they have an objective of ensuring that the needs of the clients, partners and the community are all satisfied. The company helps it customers in solving issues through an interactive approach, and this has assisted in making them feel like close associates as well as creating healthy relationships.

There is a rapid development of technology in the United States and the rest of the world, and this led to a high demand for IT experts hence scarcity. DIVERSANT LLC as a staffing company assists its client in getting the best IT talent that has the skills to offer the best IT solutions. The firm uses methods that are rigorous during the sourcing and vetting of specialists. The experts that are hired have the knowledge that in needed on developing software that is fully customized for the clients. DIVERSANT has a lot of staffing experience, and it matches various professionals with corporations that need their exacts expertise.

His career started as an IT consultant and in 1994, he joined the IT staffing business. He has been prosperous in his career and has founded various enterprises that have been successful. He is the proprietor of Info Technologies, which was established with an aim of providing IT staffing solutions to the Fortune 500 companies. The firm achieved a lot including being the eighth business on the top 500 fast growing companies. It also managed to grow under the leadership of Mr. Goullet from a start-up capital to 30 million dollars within five years. It was then merged with DIVERSANT Inc. in 2010 to form DIVERSANT LLC.

James Dondero: Nothing Negative

As of August 4, 2016, the Pendrell corporation reprots that James Dondero reported 11 pct passive stake in the co-SEC filing. While this is significant to investors, James Dondero is not a household name to most people. Have no worries though, for those readers not familiar with James Dondero, here is a bit of background info on the subject in question:

James Dondero is both the co-founder and the president of a company named Highland Capital Management also known as HCM. Dondero co-founded the company back in 1993. It is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. According to various online sources, Dondero has racked up over three decades of experience working in the fields of both credit and equity markets. He has spent most of his time concentrating on distressed and high-yield investing. Since the company’s first day of business, his company Highland Capital has reportedly been a leader in developing the CLO or Collateralized Loan Obligation market.

His company also specializes in coming up with what they refer to as “credit oriented solutions” for both retail and institutional investors around the world. Some of their highly-praised product offerings or services include CLOs, ETFs, hedge funds, institutional separate accounts, mutual funds, private equity funds and REITs.

Before Dondero helped to found HCM, he was a chief investment officer. He helped start the GIC subsidiary of the company named Protective Life. He held that position from 1989 until 1993.

Prior to that, Dondero did a stint as a corporate bond analyst and portfolio manager for American Express from 1985 to 1989. His first gig in the industry, however, hearkens back to 1984 when he was employed as an analyst in Morgan Guaranty’s training program.

He graduated from the University of Virginia from the McIntire School of Commerce with a degree in Accounting and Finance. He is also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and a Certified Management Accountant. Dondero is also a board member of MGM Studios.

Source: http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSFWN1AQ110