Securus Technologies Announces Drone Detection Machines to Promote Safety

Securus Technologies, a leading service provider of technology-oriented solutions for law enforcement, correctional facilities, public safety, and government–based payment services recently announced the use of active pilot programs to combat the use of drones in aiding crime in correctional facilities.


Background Look

In a report issued by Securus Technologies, inmates are using drones to supply contrabands to correctional facilities. Corrections officials have evidence suggesting that inmates are using these drones to carry drugs and cell phones in addition to weapons. For these reasons, Securus Technologies has spent the last 18 months monitoring the viability of making progress by utilizing technology to locate these drones before inmates use them for their illegal supplies to prisons.


Testing its Viability

A spokesman from Securus Technologies said that the technology is emerging. This means that it is the first in the industry and experts have not yet defined its strengths and weaknesses. However, officials at Securus Technologies have worked with experts to ensure that the machines can detect drones from as far and near they are to correctional facilities. The drone detection machines and programs will enhance safety in the community.


Trials to Better Drone Detection

Well, this being technology, it will get better with more trials in future. To ensure the continuity of progress, Securus Technologies has invested its time, resources and experts to improve technology. Also, the organization works with corrections officials who commit to ending the use of contraband gadgets in correctional facilities. Until now, the results reflect the possibilities of ending the use of contraband gadgets. The trials have also identified new tactics as well as methods to better the technology.


How It Works

Drone detection utilizes a digital antennae structure that resembles the Wireless Containment System Solution. With the assistance of the investigative system, the drone detection systems have been fine-tuned to be efficient and quick in identifying drones. It is important to note that the drone detection system is not only safe to use but also efficient.


Additional Information

The use of drones in correctional facilities is a threat to the safety of communities. To end this threat, Securus Technologies is working with the world’s leaders in drone detection machines. As the leader in the industry, Securus Technologies commits to promoting safety by all means.



Unfortunately, there is a high frequency of drone incidents in correctional facilities. This demonstrates the value of innovation as well as an initiative to end it. Securus Technologies continues to partner with some of the leading inventors to stop the harmful contraband use.



Securus Technologies serves over 2,000 correctional facilities. The company provides unmatched services using high-tech machines and communication gadgets. To ensure safety in the community, every month, Securus Technologies invents safety machines.


Securus Technologies’ WCS Technology Guarantees Public Safety

Contraband phones in the hands of inmates is an extremely dangerous thing. Nobody can tell the story of the related dangers better than Robert Johnson. Having been a victim of a crime perpetrated through unauthorized cell phones in prisons, Robert has now dedicated his life to helping eliminate the menace. It all happened in 2010, while Robert was working at Lee Correctional Institution in South Carolina. As an officer who had been engaged in the confiscation of contraband for 15 years, Robert had rubbed the shoulders of prison gangs benefiting from illegal phones the wrong way. He became a target.


On the fateful morning of March 5th, 2010, an intruder tracked him to his home and ended up shooting him six times in his chest and stomach. Johnson agrees even his doctors still consider his survival a great miracle, the gunshot wounds were almost tragic. Since then, Robert Johnson has undergone more than 24 surgeries and pretty much remains in pain.


Sean Echols a convict who had been released not long before the crime was apprehended and judged for the attempt on Johnson’s life. Prison gangs had contacted Echols through a contraband phone. Paid him through a reloadable Greendot card and just like that the life of a corrections officer was in danger.


With such a horrifying experience, Robert Johnson now works for Securus Technologies as a consultant. The company is now deploying advanced containment technology that absolutely manages the problem of contraband phones in prisons. The technology takes off unauthorized phones in a specific facility from any network rendering them useless.


As a 3.30 minute video filmed on Facebook live by an inmate with a contraband cellphone began to circulate online, Johnson could not understand why elected leaders could not take advantage of available technology. It is incidents like that one that Securus Technologies’ Wireless Containment Solutions is designed to stop. There is a zero chance that a criminal convicted of burglary and brandishing a knife could have used a contraband in a facility deploying the WCS technology.


A few weeks ago, Securus Technologies released crucial data that gives a picture of how dire the situation had become in some facilities. Between July 2016 and July 2017, Securus Technologies’ Wireless Containment Solutions detected and prevented 1.7 million illegal communications in only 8 prison facilities. Nobody needs to imagine the damage prevented by the blockage of those illegal phone calls. Looking at the latest incidence, however, Johnson was glad that it was just a video and not another event where a criminal was organizing a crime from behind bars.


To captain Johnson, preventing another attempt on the life of a hard-working citizen is on top of the agenda. With technologies like that deployed by Securus Technologies, we can always ensure public safety for citizens and inmates alike.