Orange Coast College- Challenging for Another Title

The sport of rowing is a very challenging and demanding sport. It’s been said that it takes all nine hearts beating as just one in order to succeed in this sport. The demands of this sport and its complexity make the achievements of Orange College all the more impressive. This community college is in the running for its 12th national championship. This has all been done while competing against four year universities. Their success is a result of the culture that has been in place for many years.

Orange Coast College is led by assistant coach Steve Morris and head coach Cameron Brown. Brown decided to leave a four year university Oklahoma City University, and come coach at this community college. The coaches have demanded lots from their players but it has led to lots of success. Morris himself awakes every morning around 5:30 am and completes a long commute in order to arrive early for a 6:30 am practice.

The coaching staff takes great pride in the fact that many of their players have pulled an oar before starting community college. After working with Morris and Brown many of the school’s players have gone on to play at major universities including University of Washington, Boston University and Stanford.

Orange Coast College will be competing against more than 40 schools to try to bring home the championship. These schools are all four universities. Despite a deficiency in training facilities and the fact that they do not get to train as often as the major universities, Orange Coast College is one of the favorites to win this year’s national championship.

Orange Coast College is located on a beautiful campus that stretches out nearly 200 acres. It is just around the corner from Southern California’s beautiful beaches. Founded seventy years ago, OCC has become the nations largest community college enrolling more than 25,000 students each semester.

Orange College is part of the Coast Community College District. They lead the country in transfers to to the University of California and California State University systems. Offering courses year round, OCC is a great place to get an education.