The Top Ways To Cool Your Home According To Goettl Air Conditioning

Keeping your home cool in the summer in hot climates like Arizona and Southern California requires more than just a good air conditioner. You also need to make your home friendly to operating that air conditioner, and you can do so by adhering to a few tips from Goettl Air Conditioning. Goettl is trusted by many people across Arizona and Nevada, and they’ve helped thousands save money on cooling costs.

The first tip Goettl says is to put film on your windows and insulation in your walls and attic to minimize the amount of heat your air conditioner has to work against. Indeed, making sure your thermostat isn’t exposed to sunlight can also help. If you also place the outdoor condenser away from the heat, it will run less. Goettl also says your unit has to be just the right size because an air conditioner that’s too big can start and stop too much and end up breaking down prematurely. Goettl also recommends having regular maintenance done on it to extend its life.

Goettl Air Conditioning was founded in Phoenix, Arizona back in the 1930s by the Goettl brothers. It was sold several times throughout the years and had its ups and downs. It was run by a company that was located out of the state and was starting to phase out certain services, but then Ken Goodrich decided to buy it and help restore solid customer service and put Goettl back on good financial footing. In recent years he’s bought several companies in Las Vegas and southern California that have allowed Goettl to grow it’s customer base. Goettl Air Conditioning has even repaired heating and air conditioning for free for families in Las Vegas who couldn’t afford the repair bills, and they’ve even had the Sunny Plumber to do plumbing work. Follow Goettl on Twitter.