Two crimes lead to long investigation in New Brunswick

Police officers were successfully able to arrest a suspect charged with the armed robbery of a pizza delivery driver in New Brunswick, NJ. With technology constantly recording our every move around us it becomes a lot easier to find a long lost friend or in New Jersey find a man who robbed a pizza delivery guy at gun point.


Parysh Wood, 21, also known as, “Pistol” on the streets was charged in Middlesex County. He was already in the system pending other armed robbery charges.


The robbery occurred at 9:30 p.m. on November 30 in a empty parking lot at Quincy Circle. The robbery victim said a man approached him with a gun and demanded money and the pizza.


Police officers were able to get a warrant to search Wood’s cell phone which connected him to the time and location of the robbery. The case lasted four months because nobody wanted to give up. In the digital age criminals are leaving behind clues, it is just a matter of finding them and connecting the dots.


Wood was previously arrested on robbery charges back in January of 2013. Now he sits in jail with a bail of $100,000. Other police staff expect that there will be more arrests to come.


In other news, there was a shooting in New Brunswick, NJ. There was an active shooter at New Brunswick Apartments and one was severely injured. The injured individual was taken to the hospital in a private vehicle. Immediately after the shooting there was an investigation by detectives.


The suspects were not revealed for a while even though there were leads, but the police department did not want to risk releasing the wrong information. There were also charges that were pending.


The 206-unit apartment complex that the shooting occurred at is owned by one limited liability company originating from North Quincy, Massachusetts. The apartments are actually located just across the street from Rutgers University Police Department’s headquarters. Not a very smart move. We got word from police transmitters that the transport vehicle for the shooting victim was a dark-colored Honda.


The active shooter was trying to hide his identity by hearing a dark-colored hoodie and stayed out of the path of cameras as much as possible. Right after shooting the individual he fled to Neilsen Street. There were other “bullet casings” found near the crime scene. Specifically near building number one.