Dr. Mark McKenna’s Business Ventures


Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical doctor and a highly successful entrepreneur that has certainly made a name for himself in both professions. It is also interesting to note that Dr. Mark Mckenna is also the CEO and Founder of OVME. He is a licensed surgeon and completed his degree at the prestigious Tulane University Medical School. His first career move was to join his father in a lucrative medical career. However, his career interest changed because he always had a strong interest in the real estate industry. Dr. McKenna decided to pursue this interest.

McKenna Venture Investments

After pursing a medical degree and practicing with his father, the doctor decided to devote time to pursuing his real interest, which was in real estate. He started the McKenna Venture Investments. Through the years, his real estate firm grew and was joined by other ventures. However, his rapidly expanding fortune in the real estate industry came to halt. This was due to the devastating effect that Hurricane Katrina had on the city of New Orleans and Dr. Mark McKenna’s business ventures. Still, he did not give up. McKenna lent a helping hand to rebuilding New Orleans with affordable housing, and Mark McKenna’s lacrosse camp.

New Beginnings

A few years later, Dr. Mark McKenna decided to relocate to Atlanta, Georgia. He started several very successful ventures in his new location. The ventures included ShapeMed, which was a wellness practice. In addition, he became the CEO and the Founder of OVME. OVME is a medical aesthetics company. Dr. McKenna has high hopes to grow and develop the company through a software application that makes it easier for people to find the healthcare aesthetics that they desire and book appointments through the application. Dr. McKenna is very excited about this new direction. Dr. Mark McKenna earned a medical degree, but his heart has always been in the entrepreneurial field and finding innovative ways to make life better for people, and http://www.pr.com/press-release/590359.

Dr. Mark McKenna is Revolutionizing Medicine

When someone receives their medical license or when someone receives their MBA, it is generally considered to be an extremely high honor. But when someone garners both of these coveted titles, it’s almost unheard of. This is exactly the case of Dr. Mark McKenna. Not only is Dr. McKenna a huge advocate for all of his patients but he is also a strong advocate for making the business side of medicine run more smoothly and without as much hassle as exists now. He believes that medical treatment is already stressful enough and the pile of paperwork that patients often encounter only further adds to this stress. By having backgrounds as both a medical and a business professional, Dr. McKenna is able to better serve all of his patients. In July of 2017 Dr. McKenna founded and became the CEO of OVME which seeks to provide patients with medical aesthetic services. In his time in the industry he noticed some very obviuos shortcomings in that area of medical services and believed he could do it better on his own. This led to the doctor to found OVME and change they way aesthetic medical services could be delivered to his customers. After working in this field for more than ten years he sold his company to a much larger company in order to get the funds to start OVME. Dr. McKenna is a firm believer in setting goals for himself and his clients and using the practices of visualization to achieve them. His mizture of medical and business savvy have garnered him a great deal of respect in his sector of the medical field. The majority of his drive and determination to be the best that he can be in all aspects of life come from his wife and four year old daughter. Dr. McKenna received his medical degree from Tulane Medical school and is licensed to practice medicine in both Georgia and Florida. The future of medicine can have a very unsure outlook but what can be sure is that doctors like Dr. McKenna will be leading the charge towards better patient care and a smoother process of seeking medical care.