Betsy DeVos, Clarifying Educational Opportunities Through Philanthropy

What I learned from examining the life of Betsy DeVos is that I must always analyze a situation and gather facts before deciding on a course of action. When she was just a young college, Betsy had her eyes set on a career in the political arena. She didn’t sit back and hope and dream about one day. No, she started with what she had, from the position she was in and became involved in the political scene at Calvin College. After completing her undergraduate studies, she went on to build a 30 year career with various organizations, including political action committees (PACS) and serving six years as Chairman of the Republican Party in Michigan.In a seemingly natural development, like most of us, her life evolved and as a married woman she would join her husband in the public and the nonprofit sector. Betsy and her husband, Dick DeVos have shown us how to deliver value, based on the choices you make.

Together, the DeVoes have more than enough money to live comfortably; but rather than sit back and passively observe life, they became involved in multiple philanthropy ventures.Betsy was driven by disappointments with the lack of educational commitment at her high school. Education became a cause and a platform, but more importantly it changed how she approached other parents. While visiting the Potter’s House Christian School in Grand Rapids, she noted how some parents made financial sacrifices so that their children could attend. After she and Dick visited time and time again, they decided to help the school. Over the years, their financial gift giving to Potter House has increased. From there, she began advocacy with the American Federation for Children. It’s a nationwide financial support initiative that provides vouchers for children to attend the school of their choice.

Today, with her role as the Secretary of Education, it is clear to see how Betsy DeVos’ early political involvement paved the way. Her mother was a teacher, so education was always an important facet of her life. Betsy began working within her own hometown to increase the funding and support for better educational opportunities for all children. In Grand Rapids, she served as an in-school mentor for 15 years, before becoming an advocate for school choice. Betsy DeVos’ tireless devotion to children’s education lead to 25 states, including the District of Columbia adopting higher standards for school choice. I would say that’s impressive to say the least, but what’s most interesting is the fact she had the money to send her children to the best schools. Yet, she still cared about providing vouchers for those who couldn’t afford private schooling.

Jason Hope Looking for Startup Investment Options

For more than a decade, the amount of men and women that count on smart devices and their technology has continued to grow noticeably. While the rate of folks that use smart devices frequently is high, most experts believe it’ll only continue to steadily grow in the foreseeable future. Actually, some assume that nearly all daily home products will soon involve some Internet connection and each device could connect with each other for the purpose of sharing data. This prediction is normally called the Internet of Things.

One person that has stayed a significant supporter and believer in the Internet of Things is Jason Hope. Jason Hope is an extremely successful business proprietor and private investor that look for ways to purchase startup technology businesses. Jason Hope has also worked to convince other investors that buying smart technology is actually a smart way to both earn a great deal of more money, but also support the continuing development of mankind. Some smart devices today are believed to be luxuries rather than necessities, but the Internet of Things followers think that you will soon see a lot more valuable and functional applications of tech in the future. Click here to know more.

Among the expected advancements that the Internet of Things will improve mankind is daily travel. By using GPS linked devices in vehicles, it’ll be easy for a populated city to ascertain traffic patterns. They’ll then be capable of adjusting their traffic signals and other devices to make traffic move more easily. At the same time, they’ll also have the ability to alter the signals to permit for disaster vehicles to attain their destinations faster than ever before. There are also other technologies that developers are creating that will help first responders better pinpoint the location of individuals in hazardous situations, such as buildings that are on fire.

Sawyer Howitt A Star Racquetball Player

Sawyer Howitt has become one of the country’s top professional racquetball player. He has been helping players up their game. However, becoming a professional racquetball player is extremely hard but worth the work if you really want to do it. Most players are able to become professional, if they are willing to spend time and energy improving themselves on the court and in physical fitness. Very few people who attempt to become professional succeed.

Most people who attempt to become professional racquetball player like Sawyer Howitt, fail to do proper research, which can lead to disappointment as well as them giving up. It’s recommended that those who try, ask themselves why they want to become professional. Some play the sport for self-fulfillment or pride. It’s often encouraged that people make a plan, to ensure they are reaching their goal, and that starts with proper research.

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Improving your physical fitness requires long-term work, following a specific plan. It is imperative that those who are becoming players follow a plan created to reach peak fitness. Working with someone who is already a professional racquetball player, to ensure the plan will spell results. Professionals like Sawyer Howitt are willing to share their experiences and insights. Working with a professional can help ensure your plan will help you become a professional player.

Finding the right coach is also key to become a top professional player. According to, finding the right coach may take you far away, but remember that the right coach will help you along. You may need to relocate. Before selecting a coach, research into the coach will help you ensure you have hired the right candidate. Also it is necessary to work out and practice often.

Sawyer Howitt has been an athlete for many years and has been interested in racquetball since he was a child. He is currently a project manager at the Meriwether Group. Sawyer brings his work experience to the court, making him become a better player.

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