Bringing the Best Out of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

There is a lot of good in people. It is when people join hands that we can accomplish much. For years, migrants have suffered at the hands of their hosts mainly because they pose a threat to the little resources and opportunities that are available. To a large extent, some of these migrants have faced torture resulting in death. In other cases, the refugees have been deported back to countries ravaged by war and civil unrest for no valid reasons.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, too, have had their fair share of troubles. After exposing the Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio for his misdeeds, the duo was roughed up by the sheriff’s department and unlawfully detained. Luckily, members of the public came to their rescue, and the two got released only a matter of hours.

After years of a raging court battle between the two journalists and Maricopa County, the judge and jury determined that the two should get compensated with a $3.75 million settlement. As a token of good faith, Michael and Jim decided to put their newly found wealth to good use. It is then that they came up with the Frontera Fund, an organization that supports migrants as well as strengthens the activities of its affiliated member groups through donations. One group that has been on the receiving end of Frontera’s good will is The Colibri Center for Human Rights. Read more: Phoenix New Time and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

Since migrant death is more of a norm across the U.S.-Mexico Border, a lot of bodies remain unidentified. To this end, The Colibri Center for Human Rights got created so as to help locate missing individuals, although deceased. Through the Missing Migrant Project, the group has been able to facilitate forensic experts with the relevant information needed to create a database for every dead body. In so doing, more bodies have gotten identified and returned to friends and families regardless of their geographical location for burial. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Besides, The Colibri Center for Human Rights fights for the rights and freedoms of migrants by discouraging authorities from wrongfully targeting minority groups. Since its inception, fewer people have lost their lives as the organization functions as a global watch dog for social and political injustices.

Above all, The Colibri Center for Human Rights has helped reduced the timeframe through which the coroner’s department identifies bodies and the matching procedures involved. Thanks to the selfless nature of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, the Colibri Center for Human Rights has all the finances it needs to secure the safety of migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico Border.

The group, through the assistance of The Frontera Fund, is working day and out so as to safeguard the futures of refugees who travel long distances in search of employment and other opportunities in the United States of America.

Although The Frontera Fund is relatively young, it has partnered with more than ten human and civil rights groups across the world. It is Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin’s vision to see to it that global peace prevails and that migrants get liberated from oppression.