Lawyer Jeff Goldstein Simplifies Complicated Employee Benefits

When it comes to employee benefits, both employee and employer needs to feel there is some value and gain in what is being offered and received. Company stock has long been one of the regular types of benefits that employees are given, and when you work for an employer that sees incredible growth, this can be a great perk. However, there are times when the option of company stock does not work out the best for employees, employers, or both parties. For this reasons situations where knockout options can be offered might be the best solution to ensure that both parties are able to benefit in a way they are comfortable with.


Lawyer Jeffrey Goldstein explains how the knockout option would work for both an employee and an employer, giving both parties the option to opt out or purchase and sell the stock that they are given as part of their employee package. This means that any employee that incurs more cost than the stock is worth, or does not want to maintain a portfolio can work with the company in order to create options that will better benefit them. Learn more:


Jeffrey Goldstein is a lawyer in New York and practices in the area of corporate governance, compensation, and tax laws. Goldstein’s are of practice is especially important in a corporate environment because there are a lot of financial manners that might not even be considered upfront when taking stock option. A lawyer like Goldstein can not only help save you money, but give you all your options so that you can make an informed decision when it comes time to choose an employer and the benefits that you want to take advantage of.