Passion in His Blood – Rodrigo Terpins

There is definitely passion in the blood of Rodrigo Terpins when it comes to rally driving. Lovers of the sport have watched this amazing Brazilian driver excel in his career, delighting fans with unprecedented displays of his complete mastering of the sport. Rodrigo is from a blood line of sport’s enthusiasts, including his father, Jack, a former, well-known basketball player, and his brother Michel, who shares Rodrigo’s passion for rally racing. Both brothers share in the love of rally racing and the speed and thrills of the game. This enthusiasm encouraged the bothers to form the Bull Sertoes Rally Team racing their MEM Motorsports built infamous T-Rex V-8 engine vehicle, reports Terra.

The Sertoes rally is a yearly major off-road rally in Brazil. Drawing thousands of fans, this race offers death defying challenges to test a driver’s stamina, willpower and mental abilities. The rally is 2600 km long with challenging terrains. Terpins has raced several times in this event, which travels through seven cities and two states. It offers several courses that are a true test of ability and agility. In all, there are roughly over 200 participants and Rodrigo along with his team placed third with 38 teams. Rodrigo took third place with a team ranking in eighth place.

Along with his passion and talent for rally racing, Rodrigo Terpins is also a philanthropic soul, raising needed funds for many charities throughout his successful career, including funding for culture and arts, technology and science and many foundations for children.

In addition to his outstanding racing career, Terpins has served a ten year position as director for T5Participacoes and operations director for Lojas Maria, where he is involved in electronic commerce, commercial automation and strategic planning. science and technology, and children. He is also actively involved in pursuing a real estate career.