George Soros Dares To Reenter the Political Debate

George Soros has recovered from the defeat of Hillary Clinton to whom he gave so much money, and he has a new progressive agenda that he believes will help with the midterm elections in 2018. The presidential election in 2020 may be a massive change for Americans, and George believes that he may help by bringing together as many progressive donors as he may find. This article explains how Politico has reported on the resurgence of George after the 2016 election.

#1: Why Start Over Again?

George believes that there is a place for a progressive agenda in America, and he knows that there are many people who believe in it as much as she does. He is pushing for an agenda that honors more people than not, and he has found donors who are willing to give to the cause because it will help them improve the lives of their children and grandchildren. He held a meeting of these people, and he wanted to learn how they could help fight conservative politicians who are not acting in the public’s best interests.

#2: What Work Is There To Do?

There are several politicians on the right side of the aisle who are not acting in good faith, and they must be removed from office or challenged. There is a push to raise several million dollars among George and his friends to push out people such as Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona, and there are others that George is paying to force out. Each PAC that is formed with the money that George Soros has raised will make a significant difference in the political landscape, and the money will help get rid of Special interests that hurt people.

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#3: Donors Should Watch George’s Movements

Donors may watch what George does to learn what they must do to make a change in their own giving. They will see who George is supporting, and they will be interested to help where they can. George has shown that he knows how to choose the right causes, and he will continue to put his own money behind the causes he believes in. He is drawing more interest because he is known as a captain fo the Democratic Party, and he will offer help that ensure there is a much better chance of the progressive agenda pushing through.

Everyone who is looking for a better progressive agenda may see what George Soros is doing as a good sign. Politicians have latched onto his story, and they will follow it into the midterm’s elections, the presidential election in 2020 and beyond. He has a strong belief that there is change to be made, and he is willing to pay for it himself.

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Dick And Betsy DeVos Show Us How Successful They Are As Philanthropists

Philanthropy is an area of the modern world that has often become competitive, but in the case of Dick DeVos I have been impressed with the way he has often kept his charitable giving a closely guarded secret. I have always been aware of the amazing work Dick DeVos has completed as a political donor and member of the Michigan Board of Education, but I have been shocked at the sheer level of support he and wife Betsy provide for a range of charitable causes that reflect their own personal interest.


One of the facts that shocked me is that of the lifetime level of giving Dick and Betsy DeVos have completed, which currently stands at $139 million; the last set of figures made available for the philanthropy of Dick and Betsy DeVos shows they provided over $11 million in support for a wide range of charitable groups. I was more aware of the political giving of the DeVos family, but was left shocked by the fact $5.3 million was given to conservative candidates for office over the course of 2015, which shows where Dick DeVos feels his priorities should lie as he makes his way through life following his retirement from the DeVos family owned AmWay Group.


Dick and Betsy DeVos have provided a large amount of funding for a wide range of groups and have been a major part of a family dynasty that has placed a major portion of its time into creating a philanthropic sense of giving I believe is second to none; in total the DeVos family provided more than $100 million in donations in 2015 alone and supported numerous causes to the tune of an amazing $1 billion over their lifetimes.


The career of Dick DeVos has taken him in many different directions over the course of a career I can call nothing but successful; one of the reasons for his long term success I believe to be the success he showed as a business leader outside of the family business AmWay during the early stages of his career. Dick joined the AmWay Group in 1974 and spent a large part of the 1980s extending the global reach of the AmWay Group to give him a better understanding of the global business world.


One of the areas I have been most impressed with the work of Dick DeVos is in his ability to use his skills to identify new areas of success for the AmWay Group and in his own company, The Windquest Group. Through The Windquest Group Dick DeVos manages his own investments and looks for community based programs that will aid in the development of Michigan and the U.S. as a whole.


Through The Hands Of Time, Dick And Betsy DeVos’ Give Back To Society

Dick DeVos is a highly educated member of the American society. In principle, Dick DeVos believes in education as the foundation for all knowledge. For this reason, he is an individual that has acquired many education accolades over the years, with the aim of creating a better future for him. Married to an ambitious lady by the name of Betsy, this couple has been able to sire a number of children who are very passionate about giving. With his rich family background in politics, Dick DeVos has acquired all the skills needed to make him highly successful in life.



Basically, Dick DeVos is more of a businessman than a politician. Previously, he worked as the chief executive officer for a goods distribution company located in Michigan. After this, he decided to run for the governorship. Currently, he works as a cabinet secretary for the education docket of the United states of America.



Having attained financial stability, Dick has always been saddened by the poor standards of living, especially for the underprivileged members of society. Hence, in his formative years, he decided to find a lasting solution to help alleviate the situation. By any account, it is the citizens who help shape the destiny of their nation. It is because of his influence that both his immediate and extended family has followed in his footsteps. The DeVos’ family line has therefore believed in giving back to society for a very long time. Apart from political donations, the DeVoses have channeled most of their donations to charities meant to improve the quality of education, especially for the underprivileged. This is due to the fact that they strongly believe that it is the knowledge that the people acquire in schools that help them make their societies better.



Dick’s motivation to help build on the academic structures of his great nation was also brought about by the love that he has for his country. In order to see it prosper, he found it urgent to provide financial assistance to institutions that offer technical training for students. It is because of such training that there can be advancements in technology, improvements meant to better people’s livelihoods. Apart from investing heavily in education, he has endeavored to ensure that most, if not all of the social institutions in his country produce the best leaders. For this course, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has also given charities to churches around the country. According to me, finding an efficient system that can be used to train children is a priority, solely because it is these children that help shape the future direction of any country in the world.



Finally, donations offered by the DeVos’ foundation have helped achieve some monumental milestones. It is due to these donations that young and energetic people have been able to acquire education accolades in different fields of study. Generally, the competence level of children in America has greatly improved. Since today’s societies are diverse, the Dick and Betsy DeVos’ family foundation has also given donations meant to improve on art and culture. At this time and age, our children can not only rely on intellectual knowledge but also in individual talent for financial success. Hence, I find it very ideal to help nurture young talent.