Tony Petrello: Helping Fight Harvey

Hurricane Harvey barreled in from the coast bringing with it impressive and unprecedented rainfall. The largest victim caught by its torrent rainfall as it journeyed inland was Houston Texas. This metropolitan area is called home by millions of Americans so when the water began to rise rapidly so did the victims. These victims scrambled to evacuate submerging homes. After their daring escape many had no idea what they would do next. Most victims encountered difficulty locating basic essentials. This is the moment where many Houston area businesses showed their passion for the community and it’s members. One of the many businesses offering their support was Nabors Industries. This company is Houston based and has a long record of supporting the local community. So when 10% of their employees were impacted by the hurricane they immediately began seeking out how they could help. Their efforts began with supporting the employees who had already taken it upon themselves to get involved. Many employees at Nabors Industries began taking time off following the flood to volunteer wherever they could. Nabors Industries quickly jumped to support this kindness by offering employees paid time off to volunteer.


However, Nabors Industries knew they could do more. Their CEO Tony Petrello encouraged many philanthropic efforts from the company beginning with his personal donation to match $176,000 raised by Nabors Employees. The company also took on an active role in providing support to those in need. The company cafeteria quickly transformed into a community kitchen that put out three meals a day to families in need. This act was appreciated by the community that had always known they could expect the company to reinvest.

Many of those who benefited from Nabors Disaster support also benefited by their more traditional philanthropic efforts. Nabors Industries has a long history of supporting the community. Their CEO Tony Petrello was not originally from Houston Texas. However, after making it his home he has endeared himself to the community. A major beneficiary of his personal generosity is the Texas Children’s Hospital which received a donation of $7 million from Petrello. These funds played a key role in opening the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute. The research institute conducts tests and researches new treatments. This facility is dedicated to finding a cure for childhood neurological issues. Anthony Petrello also supports education by creating an endowment in the name of his previous professor.

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Eric Pulier: A Philanthropist Who Can Wear Many Hats

Eric Pulier is an author, philanthropist and entrepreneur. He was raised in Teaneck, New Jersey. Pulier started programming computers in the fourth grade. He passionately pursued English and American literature during his studies in Harvard, majoring in the the topic and writing for the The Harvard Crimson. He attended Harvard from 1984 to 1988.


Philanthropy has played a large role in Eric Pulier’s life. In 1991, he moved to Los Angeles and started an organization called “People Doing Things.” People Doing Things focused on solving issues relating to health and education through the use of technology. Pulier also led the way in developing Starbright World in 1995–an online, private social network where chronically ill children could correspond with each other in a safe, supportive atmosphere. He serves on the board of directors for the Painted Turtle, an organization that holds an annual summer camp in California for children who are seriously ill. Pulier developed a game called Starlight World that educates children with diabetes about what happens inside the human body when a person has diabetes.


He has funded, founded or co-founded fifteen companies relating to technology. He has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for his companies throughout the years. He frequently appears at technology conferences and forums to educate people. He served on the Global Clinton Initiative and is the director of the Enterprise Leadership Council.


Eric Pulier has published pieces of literature such as “Understanding Enterprise SOA” and “The Enterprise Industrial Complex.”


Pulier has received many awards for his innovations in the field of cloud computing technology. Currently, he lives happily in Los Angeles with his four children.