End Citizens United Warns of Dark Money in Wake of GOP Tax Bill

If you went back to the year 2010 and watched the Supreme Court case featuring James Bopp and the conservative propaganda group Citizens United, you would find yourself witness a historic moment for the United States. Of course, in this instance, the term historic does not equate to good. The 2010 SCOTUS ruling surrounding Citizens United effectively gave away the United States government to the highest bidder in a legal way by allowing corporations to claim personhood, thus allowing them to donate millions and billions of dollars to legislators in return for special favors. In return, End Citizens United was created as a political action committee to raise awareness surrounding how dangerous to democracy this event was. Recently, the GOP introduced a new tax bill which further compounded the problem of dark money in politics and this drew out End Citizens United in full force.

End Citizens United follows the lead of their PAC president, Tiffany Muller. Muller has been leading the charge for almost two years now as one of the most vocal activists against the destructive Trump regime and how dark money and special interests helped to put him into the White House. When the GOP released their tax bill, it showed a clause in the paperwork that would gut the power of the Johnson Amendment. The Johnson Amendment was set in stone in 1954 via a bipartisan United States government. The amendment effectively gave tax-exempt status to charities, social welfare orgs, and religious institutions in exchange for their agreement to stay out of the political theater. For decades this Amendment was followed in good faith, but with Trump at the head of the country, this is no longer the case.

The new GOP tax bill will stop the IRS from punishing religious institutions that choose to pursue financially supporting politicians. Muller, of End Citizens United, points to how mega-churches could then quickly become the favored way for millionaires to funnel their political contributions while also getting a tax write-off. The implications of this bill passing in its current form are more than just alarming, they are destructive to the very foundation of what the United States government has been built to do.

End Citizens United has made it their mission to raise and spread awareness of the destructive way that dark money is impacting American politics. With the new GOP tax bill, religious institutions would be turned into the preferred method for the elites and wealthy to finance their very own legislators while also getting their own write-offs for tax purposes. By allowing this tax bill to pass, the GOP is writing a blank check to billionaires while allowing them to take over and co-opt the country.

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End Citizens United Has Helped More People

One thing that End Citizens United has been able to do with the people who they are working with is providing them with all of the options that they need to make a difference for other people. They want to allow people the chance to donate their time and their money to the candidates that they support. They also want to be able to make sure that these candidates are getting the money back that they need from the different situations that they have helped out with. When citizens have to fight corporations to be able to make a difference in the campaigns of different politicians, there is a problem with the system and with the way that the government is able to handle different things. The way that everything has worked for people has been different and has caused issues for people in different areas of the United States.

In local elections, it is nearly impossible for citizens to compete against corporations. They would never be able to win and that would cause problems for the candidates. While this is an issue, the even bigger one comes in national elections. Even if thousands of people donated all of the money that they had, they wouldn’t be able to match the donations that were provided by corporations. Because of this, the citizens united has made it hard for citizens to be able to make a difference in their own lives. Politics are not the same as what they once were and that is problematic for End Citizens United because they want to see real change in the areas that they are in.

End Citizens United knows what they need to do. They need to keep making money and bringing awareness to the areas that they are trying to fight against. One thing that they have done is raise over four million dollars. While this seems like a lot of money for just a few months, their projection is to raise over 35 million dollars in the coming months. They believe that this amount of money will be enough for them to truly help out the citizens and to make a difference while going up against the government and corporations.

All of this is something that was the result of unfair things being brought to the United States. People need to understand the issues that come with letting corporations donate to campaigns and they need to know that there will be issues that come along with fighting it. End Citizens United is hoping that they will be able to fix the corruption and that they will be able to show people what they can do if they help End Citizens United.

George Soros Dares To Reenter the Political Debate

George Soros has recovered from the defeat of Hillary Clinton to whom he gave so much money, and he has a new progressive agenda that he believes will help with the midterm elections in 2018. The presidential election in 2020 may be a massive change for Americans, and George believes that he may help by bringing together as many progressive donors as he may find. This article explains how Politico has reported on the resurgence of George after the 2016 election.

#1: Why Start Over Again?

George believes that there is a place for a progressive agenda in America, and he knows that there are many people who believe in it as much as she does. He is pushing for an agenda that honors more people than not, and he has found donors who are willing to give to the cause because it will help them improve the lives of their children and grandchildren. He held a meeting of these people, and he wanted to learn how they could help fight conservative politicians who are not acting in the public’s best interests.

#2: What Work Is There To Do?

There are several politicians on the right side of the aisle who are not acting in good faith, and they must be removed from office or challenged. There is a push to raise several million dollars among George and his friends to push out people such as Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona, and there are others that George is paying to force out. Each PAC that is formed with the money that George Soros has raised will make a significant difference in the political landscape, and the money will help get rid of Special interests that hurt people.

Read this story about George at Politico.com.

#3: Donors Should Watch George’s Movements

Donors may watch what George does to learn what they must do to make a change in their own giving. They will see who George is supporting, and they will be interested to help where they can. George has shown that he knows how to choose the right causes, and he will continue to put his own money behind the causes he believes in. He is drawing more interest because he is known as a captain fo the Democratic Party, and he will offer help that ensure there is a much better chance of the progressive agenda pushing through.

Everyone who is looking for a better progressive agenda may see what George Soros is doing as a good sign. Politicians have latched onto his story, and they will follow it into the midterm’s elections, the presidential election in 2020 and beyond. He has a strong belief that there is change to be made, and he is willing to pay for it himself.

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The Election of 2016 Reaction from George Soros and Other Democratic Alliance

A rough election year ended in a surprise that shook the Democratic party to it’s core. Donald Trump -an inexperienced candidate with zero political experience- won over Hillary Clinton. She has been hailed as the most qualified modern day candidate, as she had experience as a First Lady, Secretary of State, Senator, and as a Yale trained lawyer. The Democratic Alliance donors agreed that she was the best person for the job, and she was given quite a bit of funding for her campaign.

The loss was devastating to the Democratic party. The Congress is also in the hands of the Republican party. One of the donors of the Democratic Alliance is the businessman George Soros. He has donated money toward the elections of President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, and many other Democrat candidates. He donated a reported $25 million to Hillary Clinton and other Democrats this last election. George Soros has known Hillary Clinton for a reported twenty-five years. He had planned to attend the Democratic National Convention to see Hillary win the president candidacy.

The Democratic Alliance decided to hold a meeting in response to this election loss. George Soros was in attendance. It is expected they were planning a way to combat any negative future plans of the Trump administration on project-syndicate.org.

The son of George Soros, Jonathan Soros, pointed to his father’s writing in a column earlier this campaign year. “Resist the siren song of the likes of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.” George Soros wrote in the column. He believes the United States cannot effectively fight terrorism if these candidates are chosen. If his perspective is true, Americans will have to continue to resist the siren song of Donald Trump to keep the country on the right path.