Dick and Betsy DeVos, Modern-Day Robin Hoods

Dick and Betsy have sent most of their lives as adults attempting to charge the education system. The CEO of Amway Inc. from 1993 to 2002, was determined to launch a sponsored constitutional amendment creates tax-funded vouchers for students. These coupons would aid in allowing these students to attend private schools. Although, in 2000 the public voted on this bill and rejected it. They did not give up. There are now twenty-four states who have some vouchers in the District of Columbia. There is something about giving the parents more choice in their children’s education that drives them.



The DeVos’ believe in making a difference in the families lives. They made a huge donation to the children’s hospital in the Spectrum Health System. This hospital cost $103 million to construct in 2006 and the DeVos’ donated $12.5 million to help in the cause. The hospital now has named after the wife of Amway co-founder Richard DeVos, Helen DeVos.



The DeVos’ continued to push the limits towards the education system with the aim to change state laws that affect the education and labor. Dick had education reform as one of his most significant initiatives. He founded a charter school for aviation in the Grand Rapids International Airport. The goal is to allow families who are poor, the right to give their children the same education as everyone else.



Dick and Betsy are heirs to two family fortunes. Although, you would not know it. They are like a modern-day Robin Hood. Only, instead of taking from the rich and giving to the poor, they use their own money and give in support of helping others. During the years of 1989 to 2015, the DeVos Family Foundation gave away $138.7 million to programs such as leadership, arts and culture, health and human services, churches, and policy initiatives centered towards education.



With all the hard work the DeVos’ have given to make a difference in the education system, there is no wonder why President Donald Trump made Betsy DeVos’ the U.S. Secretary of Education. Dick and Betsy started out on an adventure to make a difference in the education system. Thanks to their hard work, the DeVos are finally able to do that very thing. Putting Betsy in as the U.S. Secretary of Education was not easy. There was a very close debate by the U.S. Senate over the impact of the choice program. Learn more: http://www.crainsdetroit.com/article/20170602/NEWS/170609993/dick-and-betsy-devos


What Ends Citizen United Thinks Of The Trumps Administration Intentions Of Ripping Off The Johnson Amendment

The Russian involvement in the American election is the topic of interest most Americans are focusing on. It is believed that Donald Trump colluded with the Kremlin to interfere with the 2016s election outcome. Currently, the investigations of the Russian involvement in the election occupies the news coverage round the clock with new evidence being brought to light.

While the American public focuses o this, the Trump administration is slowly ripping of the very fabric of American campaign laws. The recent target of Trump’s government is the Johnson Amendment. The Johnson Amendment forbids any religious organization from meddling in American elections or participating in it through supporting or opposing any candidate. The reason for enacting the Johnson amendment is to ensure that spiritual entities are non-partisan in the electoral process.

In a press release issued by End Citizen United dated 30th August 2017, the institution strongly opposed Donald Trump and his administration on their move to weaken and do away the Johnson Amendment. The Johnson Amendment was introduced by the United States senator Lyndon Johnson, and he later went on to be an American president.

In the press release issued by End Citizens United, Tiffany Muller who is the current president of the organization, warned that if the stripping away of the Johnson Amendment is successful, politicians will use churches for secret campaign spending on the electoral process. Additionally, on assessing the implications of the move to repeal the amendment, Tiffany stated that tax-free money would be funneled to political candidates. Other than this, political candidates who donate to these churches and religious organizations will receive tax-free deductions.

Since the introduction of the Johnson Amendment, it has been a non-issue. Churches and any other tax-exempt entities always have in support of the amendments as it provides the separation of the religious bodies from the government as guaranteed by the American constitution. Most people misinterpret the amendment by thinking that churches are forbidden to engage in politics. Contrary to this, churches are allowed to weigh in on political issues.

In fact, churches can organize multiple events to support the party and political candidate they wish. In America, churches are allowed to keep the voter registration drives because they are considered to be a non-partisan faction. It would be a significant loss if the Eisenhower signed law is ripped off.

Other than the fight to defend the Johnson amendment from the Trump administration, the End Citizen United has been engraved on many battles to see that the American electoral laws are upheld. The political action committee has been I existence since the 2010 supreme court decision to allow corporations and businesses to be treated as human entities with equal funding freedom to political parties. Read more on End Citizens United Explains Why We Need to Re-Evaluate Our Campaign Finance Rules:https://technewsspy.com/2017/10/06/end-citizens-united-explains-why-we-need-to-re-evaluate-our-campaign-finance-rules/