How Bob Reina Believes Talk Fusion Can Help Charities

Bob Reina has always been finding ways to take his business ideas and turn them into both profits and philanthropy for many years, and his latest idea is a giving incentive for Talk Fusion associates to help non-profit groups.

Reina has been financially supporting charities in his local area most of which have been animal rescue and shelters, but he’s also given to orphanages and natural disaster relief funds.

His company Talk Fusion is a video marketing company providing businesses and non-profits with tools to market their message, and this new incentive will allow Talk Fusion associates to give a charity group one free monthly premium account with access to all applications. Reina believes this act goes with the old saying of having responsibility along with power.

Bob Reina got into video marketing about 13 years ago while he was trying different ideas in direct selling. He surprised his friends and family when in the early 2000s he announced his retirement from the police department to pursue other business interests. Multilevel marketing was taking some time for Reina to generate steady income for his family, but he never gave up.

In 2004 he decided to address the challenge of sending videos as emails, and after three years of development and tests he and his software team had their product made. That was the beginning of Talk Fusion and in several years they had a whole product suite developed for this new business.

Talk Fusion has gained a lot of attention over the past 9 years, but they’ve really put their signature on marketing technology after bringing home two Product of the Year awards in 2016. Bob Reina has seen how his company’s video designs and revolutionary webRTC recorders have greatly benefited businesses, and MarTech Advisor invited him to write an article about just how important video marketing and these designs were.

Talk Fusion has also become a way that many people earn commission income from reselling products, and referring other customers and associates to the company. Talk Fusion has had dream vacations as part of associate rewards, and they recently announced a trip to Milan, Italy would be starting in 2017.