Talk Fusion The Company that Gives Back

The future of communication is here. Long distance human connection has always been exercised through speech and writing. Now theres a new way to communicate in a more intimate and visual way. Talk Fusion, a company established in 2007 has the solution to our communication needs. The worlds first All-in-one video marketing company. Using Video technology, Talk Fusion replaces old ways of communicating via email, video calls, video advertisements etc. with Video E-mail. Using CONNECT communication servers for business and personal communication, its clients can arrange Live meetings with Video Chat, Video Newsletters, Video marketing, and more. Available in 140 Countries and counting.

Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion Rob Reina Former police officer of Hillsborough County, Florida started Multi-Level Marketing in the 1990’s. Using his background he created a company that changes the way the future looks at communicating. Talk fusion first started by making it possible for its users to place videos into email. Currently they have created several other products such as social networking, broadcasting and video conferencing. Talk Fusion allows for customers with the purchasing option to be able to send thousands of emails at one time. The Videos created are stored directly onto the Talk Fusion website keeping space free on all of your devices.

Talk Fusions systems provide real-time updates of interactions with sent videos. How many were delivered properly, how many were received, how many were viewed, it is also able to tell when the recipients to the emails have opened them. Pricing for their products range from $99 to $1499 one time fee’s for personal or business packages. Each suite package comes with different features. Video Email only packages are a $99 one time fee, and $10 per month for 100GB storage. Video Suites are $499 one time fee and includes all products and two custom video email templates, $50 per month 500GB storage. For businesses Talk Fusion offers the PRO package which includes al products and unlimited custom video email templates and private labeling for the one time fee of $1499 and $50 per month Unlimited storage.

Talk Fusion is also known for its Charity and philanthropy work, being known as the Company that gives back. Using their technology the SPCA in Florida’s adoption rate increased with their video adoption advertisements. Talk Fusion also provides Nonprofit solutions for marketing success, while facilitating World wide support for children in need. Talk Fusion has not only changed the way humans communicate, but also how they connect to the world. Learn more: