Top Eco-Conscious Travel Destinations

It is human nature to seek a sense of adventure and travelling to a new destination when you get the time and resources is how most people feed this urge. Tourists form the world’s largest industry and thus have a great impact to the socio-economic sectors of the destinations they choose to visit. Travelers and tourists thus have power. Power which movements such as the Wild Ark would like to influence to bring about change and make the world better. Learn more:

The Wild Ark is a conservation movement concerned with the dangers that face the world’s natural and wild environments and works actively to change that. The group entails members who are passionate about the conservation of the natural wild environment and are hence committed to educating others on the importance of protecting the wild and ultimately the planet for its future inhabitants. The Wild Ark movement, therefore exercises its influence through campaigns such as advocating for eco-friendly destinations. That therefore, encourages tourists to travel to these destinations and acts as a reward to the economy of these destinations as well as a challenge to other non-eco-friendly destinations that would want to enjoy the same benefits.

The following is a compilation of some of the top eco-friendly destinations within the globe.


Some of the most majestic wild animals have habitats in parks and reserves within this country. Animals that tourists travel from all over the world to come and see. The Kenyan government has gone on to create Ecotourism Kenya. This is meant to keep an eye on the country’s natural resources. The Kenyan lodges are also rated according to their environmental friendliness.


Chile scored the highest for environmental protection due to the measures taken by the Chile government to conserve their environment. These measures include the approval of Carbon tax, which Chile was the first in South America to achieve. It also has implemented measures towards acquiring 20% of its energy from renewable sources.

Costa Rica

This country is well known for its natural beauty and biodiversity. Ranging from its national parks, rainforests and nature reserves Costa Rica is a beloved tropical gateway for tourists from all over the world. However, this country is at the forefront of eco-consciousness. Most of the lodges in Costa Rica are eco-lodges to ensure that the eco-tourism infrastructure is on point.

As members of the world as a community, we have an unwritten responsibility to preserve its nature including its wild and natural environment. As travelers, tourists and bringers of revenue to the destinations that you visit you can exercise this responsibility and impact change. Or you can join the Wild Ark movement if you are passionate enough. Learn more: