We Must Act to Save the DACA Program

The Frontera Fund is trying to raise awareness about a very serious matter. The DACA program, which helps out over eight hundred thousand immigrants, is in great danger. There is a good chance that it will be pulled back. In fact, the Trump Administration has been clear that they want it repealed. In addition, many Republicans in Congress and the Senate have been fighting to have it repealed. In fact, the Attorney General of Texas, along with nine other Attorneys General or Governors, has written a letter to the Trump Administration saying that if the Trump Administration does not repeal the DACA program, they will file a lawsuit against the Trump Administration. The Trump Administration is under pressure from various other groups and lobbyists to repeal DACA.

In a meeting with the Hispanic Caucus, Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly warned that the DACA program is in great jeopardy. This is very worrisome for the eight hundred thousand immigrants who rely on the DACA program in order to succeed. That is why DREAMers from all over the country must fight alongside with the Frontera Fund to stop this effort and to make sure that the DACA program remains in effect. The Frontera Fund will also provide assistance to immigrants and DREAMers who need help in this issue.

The DACA program stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. It was set up by former President Barack Obama to make sure that people who were brought here by their parents from another country while they were children through no fault of their own will not be deported. Not only that, but it made sure that they will have the ability to obtain a work permit so that they can succeed in this great country. Over eight hundred thousand people rely on this program.

Doing Things the Talk Fusion Way

Talk Fusion has a lot of products to offer. This is becoming the company that is giving people the competitive advantage. The all-in-one solution is what people are interested in when it comes down to building a competitive advantage with your marketing campaign. This award-winning technology is definitely changing the game, and entrepreneurs are looking into this platform for video email to market products.


It is a big deal when a company has award-winning software. That means everything to those that are trying to get the very best quality. Talk Fusion has a global audience. Time and time again this company has proven that it is the type of organization that is going to provide professional customization. When a company can give customers personalized software they are going to be able to work better. Entrepreneurs are going to be able to customize better solutions for marketing to customers if they get connected with customization platforms.


The video newsletters and video email are staples in the marketing campaigns for a ton of entrepreneurs that are trying to make sure that more people are seeing their videos in a new way. This is all because of Bob Reina. He is the CEO that has certainly managed to stay innovative. Email was become a second class form of marketing. With all the social media it became a back burner method for marketing to consumers. It would take something like the video email from Bob Reina and his crew of technicians at Talk Fusion to change things. This is the company that would bring marketing through email back to the front line.


The video chat and live meetings have been valuable as well. With the live meetings people can communicate with as many as 500 guests. There is no need to do the conference calls over the phone anymore. Now people can have live meetings with a large number of guests right through their laptops. This is powerful. For the companies that have a number of workers in different areas it will be much easier for streaming video and sharing files with one another.



Award Winning Franchiser, Omar Yunes

Omar Yunes, a Mexican franchise owner, based in Mexico City who started his career in his early twenties. He specializes on the Japanese food chain and has made it his brand. He owns many franchise unit across Mexico City, Puebla, and Venacruz. He prides in the facts that he is the only representative of Japanese Sushi Itto in Mexico and has led to him winning an award of Best Franchise of the World in 2015.

The Best Franchisee of the World (BFW), which evaluates its effects on the network and not brand found Omar Yunes to have not only influenced the system in his knowledge contribution but as well proposing on improving the brand leading to growth. The achievement was witnessed by the selection of representatives from some parts world.

Omar Yunes also a winner of the highest award in the national qualifier because of his impact on the franchising-franchisee relationship which has led to achieving quality management of information as well as the implementation of control boards that help have a precise measure on franchising links.

These awards are considered a manifestation to offer customers outstanding services and a renowned hospitality. The awards show development that has occurred in Mexico from the time franchising was seen as a regional affair, and now it has a perfect place in the international level. Implementation of new marketing system has enabled networking thus leading to the development of new measures that result in success in business.

Through his leadership, continuous implementation and improvement in the processing of operations of the franchise have motivated the goal of the franchise. This, in turn, has created good rapport leading to promotion of business ideas hence the establishment of a healthy relationship. The objective of such a relationship is teamwork and innovation of the brand, which won him the BFW award.

Omar Yunes prides in his employees working in all his units. He dedicated his BFW award to them stating that without teamwork, cooperation and sharing ideas the brand would not have achieved its popularity growth in Mexico. He motivates his employees to work hard as well as exchange ideas on how to offer customers excellent service.