Take The Bullet Train To Osaka With Kim Dao, Luke, And Sophie

Kim Dao publishes a ton of videos on her journeys throughout Japan on YouTube. One of Kim’s latest videos, entitled “Bullet Train & Airbnb Japan Apartment Tour | First Day in Osaka,” takes viewers on an amazing tour of Japan’s bullet train and a few major shops in the city of Osaka.


At the start of the video, Kim Dao is at the Shinkasen high-speed railway waiting for fellow YouTuber Sophie and Sophie’s boyfriend Luke to arrive. They are all going to take a bullet train from Tokyo to Osaka. After Kim meets with Luke and Sophie, they all decide to purchase some lunch from a local store.


Once she gets on the bullet train, Kim Dao shows us just what it looks like. While Sophie is super excited to visit Osaka, Kim Dao is really tired with the long train ride.


The first place Sophie, Luke, and Kim Dao visit once they get into Osaka is the Pokémon Center. There are tons of cute Pokémon plush toys and new costumes on display.


Before arriving at Sophie and Luke’s Airbnb, Kim Dao shows us around the Umeda district of Osaka. Kim then gives us a tour of the Airbnb Sophie and Luke will be staying in for a few nights.


After hanging out with Sophie and Luke for a few hours, Kim Dao decides to visit her host family in Osaka. In the next video shot, Kim Dao shows us her host family’s incredible dinner and dessert. At the end of the video, Kim says she will be going to Universal Studios Japan tomorrow morning.

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